Taking a Closer Look at an Awesome Bedroom, part 2: The Monster Squad Edition!

By Shawn Robare

I had a crap ton of fun examining Sara’s room from Adventures in Babysitting a couple weeks ago, so I figured I’d take a second to take a closer look at another pop culture bedroom.  This time I decided to scope out Eugene’s room in one of my favorite flicks, 1987′s The Monster Squad!

monster squad poster

There really only one scene with the bedroom in the flick, the iconic beat where Eugene, scared out of his wits, begs his dad to come and get the monster out of his closet.  But in that minute or two of footage there are a ton of cool things in the background.  But let’s start with Eugene himself as he’s wearing some pretty darn bitchin’ PJ’s…

Monster Squad 1

1). Robotech Odyssey Pajamas

That’s right, Eugene is a fan of the 80s Carl Macek re-edit of the Macross Space (Soap) Opera.  Front and center on that rad nightshirt is none other than Rick Hunter, Roy Folker, and Captain Gloval.  But that’s not all the giant mech goodness in this room as we’ll see in a later screenshot.  So let’s take a closer look at Eugene’s room shall we…

Monster Squad 2 small

2). The Punisher Poster

3). Garbage Pail Kids Stickers

4). Godzilla Toy

5). My Pet Monster

6). Wolverine Poster

So, I think it can be firmly established that the set designer decided that Eugene was into comics, in particular some of the more violent vigilantes in the Marvel Universe!  There are also some GPK  stickers on the wall, though it’s kind of hard to make out which ones.  There are more GPK stickers on his closet door that I’ll run down in a bit.  Like Sara in Adventures in Babysitting, Eugene was a proud owner of a My Pet Monster too.  Let’s take a clearer peep at those Marvel posters…


It kind of cool to realize that Eugene was into the same characters that I was growing up, and I’m totally jealous of that Rick Leonardi Wolverine poster!  Anyway, what else is in his room?

Monster Squad 5 small

7). Dreadstar Poster

8). Comico Comics posters (Jonny Quest on top and a jam poster featuring Mage, Grendel, Jonny Quest and Robotech among other characters…)

9). Mickey & Minnie Mouse lamp

Continuing the comic book theme we can get a glimpse of some Comico branded posters on Eugene’s wall.  Not only was he reading Wolverine and the Punisher, but also potentially Matt Wagner’s Mage and Grendel as well!  Seriously it’s like that set designer was pulling inspiration from my very mind!  There are a couple of other posters in the room that I couldn’t peg (one to the left of and one below the Wolverine poster in the second screenshot), as well as a toy helicopter on his bureau underneath the Punisher poster.  Anyone out there have any guesses?  Here’s a better look at that Comico mash-up poster…


Okay, last but certainly not least, a better look at some of the Garbage Pail Kids on Eugene’s closet door…

Monster Squad 4

10). More GPKs.  Specifically Roy Bot, Apple Corey, Stoned Sean, and Warmin Norman from the 3rd series, Basket Casey, Larry Lips and Dana Druff from the 4th series.  The rest I can’t get a good enough look at…

So, anything I missed?

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  • Raven Johnson

    I love these Shawn!!!

    • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

      Yeah, I think I might need to do more. Hmmm, wonder if I’d go insane trying to peg all the stuff from Rickey’s room(s) in Silver Spoons? ;)

  • Ultra Distro

    Good eye.

    • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

      Thank you kindly sir!

  • http://www.shezcrafti.com/ ShezCrafti

    Nothing to add, but just wanted to say I love these posts! Please do more!

    • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

      Hmmm, what to do next. I have some movies in mind, but I wonder what I might find in TV shows too. Punky Brewster, Silver Spoons, Diff’rent Strokes?

    • Guest

      Yes these are great posts and yes, tv shows address appropriate too!

      • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

        Yeah, I need to dig my sets out for sure..

    • http://www.rediscoverthe80s.com/ Jason G

      Agreed, great posts! And yes, TV shows are appropriate too!

      • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

        Think I’ll be breaking out my sets this weekend to do some room hunting…

  • http://goodwillhunting4geeks.blogspot.com/ The Goodwill Geek

    Excellent! This is why I desperately wish I had old photographs of my bedroom as a kid. There are so many toys that I just plain forgot that I owned. Then I see some random picture of them on eBay and I see them and go: “Oh! I totally had that!” Similar thing when I see these photos. I think Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula has a similar series of posts where he looks at the toys in old 80′s movies as well. I know he looked at some scenes from BIG and Flight of the Navigator… not sure what else.

    • http://www.shezcrafti.com/ ShezCrafti

      Parents keep doing it wrong! They should be taking a zillion pics of their kids’ TOYS, not the kids themselves. Let’s face it, kids are pretty boring unless they’re your own.

      • http://goodwillhunting4geeks.blogspot.com/ The Goodwill Geek

        I’m all like: “Junior, get out of the way, daddy’s trying to photograph those TMNT action figures of yours. Okay… you can be in the shot, but be aware you’ll probably get cropped out. I might be using this for the Christmas card this year.”

        • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

          I’d totally send out Christmas cards of just my toys, they’re basically like my children anyway… :P

      • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare


    • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

      Yeah, I have more planned for sure. Want to break into TV too (Silver Spoons!)

  • http://stuntzombies.blogspot.com/ Stunt Zombie

    This is crazy. I just got done reading your last closer look, as well as Matt’s, and I started thinking this movie would be a great candidate. Of course, I was thinking about the Monster Squad’s clubhouse at the time. I had completely forgotten about the Mummy scene.

    I’m looking forward to the next one!

    • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

      I totally need to take a closer look at the Clubhouse, there’s a ton of rad stuff in there. I have some more planned, just need to get cracking on disecting them!

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