Awesome 80s Bedrooms: E.T. Edition…

By Shawn Robare

It’s been a few weeks since I sat down and got all OCD combing through a DVD looking for an awesome 80s bedroom.  Last night I popped my special edition of E.T. the Extra Terrestrial into the computer and spent a couple hours staring at Ellitot’s room looking for some fun stuff to talk about.  At first I was a little disappointed because so many of the scenes were in silhouette, but with a quick finger on the pause button I managed to find some nice shots with a lot of fun junk lying around, in particular I realized that Elliott has a favorite comic book hero that I never noticed before!

ET One Sheet

So, with any Spielberg flick from this period there is always going to nods to Star Wars, and E.T. is no exception, but there are a lot of other interesting things lying around Elliott’s room…

ET 1

1). Star Worlds Planetarium playset


2). Coors Beer baseball cap (because you know, drunk E.T. and Coors is totally the official beer of earnest sci-fi flicks…)

3). Viewmaster Theater projector by GAF


4). Star Wars Hoth Turret and Imperial Probe Droid playset

Turret and Probot

5). Han Solo’s Blaster

Han Solo Laser Pistol

One of the things I love about Elliott’s room is all of the little items that represent space travel, be it the plethora of Star Wars toys, the space shuttle hanging from his ceiling (in a later screen shot) or his planetarium play set.  It’s subtle for sure, but still welcome for a movie about meeting an alien.

ET 2

6). Star Wars Greedo action figure

Star Wars Greedo

7). Captain America Pez dispenser

Captain America Pez

8). Frozen Moments fake spilled can of Coke

9). “Jaws” shark pincher/grabber wand

Shark Pincher

10). Star Wars 2-1B Medic Droid (in the football helmet)

Star Wars 2-1B

So, I have to assume that the shark pincher wand was an in-joke/reference to Jaws right?  There are a lot of Star Wars figures scattered around on Elliott’s desk, but these are the only two we get to see clearly and not just in silhouette.  Also, the Pez dispenser was a bitch to identify.  Even though Elliott holds it up to E.T. to show him how to fill and eat the candy there’s only a split second or two where there’s enough light to identify it.  Also, this is not the favorite super hero I alluded to before.  That’s still to come…

ET 3

11). Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

Star Wars X-Wing

12). Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter

Star Wars Darth Vader Tie Fighter

13). Incredible Hulk Poster

So, as I started to pay closer attention to the set dressing in E.T. I started to notice a lot of Incredible Hulk items hanging around.  Granted, this was smack in the middle of the character’s popularity thanks to the Bixby/Ferrigno TV show, but I like to image Elliott being a huge fan of the Hulk because he was a middle child and always seemed like he was being put down by his brother and all his friends.  Like maybe he identified with that inner rage or something.  Anyway, there are a couple of other toys in the above screenshot, the aforementioned space shuttle and another toy hanging from the ceiling at the top right of the frame that I can’t identify…

ET 4

14). Elvis Costello poster (so Elliott has good taste in music)

15). Weird dart board cabinet.  Artful Dodger Dartboard Cabinet (see update below)

16). Mighty Marvel Incredible Hulk Glowplate light switch cover

Might Marvel Glowplate

17). Star Wars Tie Fighter

Star Wars Tie Fighter

Alright, the dart board cabinet.  The main reason I pointed to this is that I’d love to find out what that weird Jack the Ripper-looking design is on the cabinet (MYSTERY SOLVED!)  Also, there’s an weird amount of dart boards in Elliott’s room!  Not only does he have this cabinet on the wall but there’s an additional dart board to the left.  Also, that other dart board?  It changes through out the film.  There’s another design that’s strictly black and white that’s hanging in other scenes (which you can see in the screenshot with items 6-10 above.)

ET 5

18). Star Wars Hammerhead Action figure (as well as Snaggletooth, Walrusman, Lando Calrissian, and Boba Fett.)

Star Wars Hammerhead

I didn’t want to clutter this will all of the screenshots detailing the various Star Wars figures Elliott shows E.T. in silhouette, but they’re all listed above.

ET 6

19). Star Wars Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer Playset

Star Wars Darth Vaders Star Destroyer Playset

20). Stratego and Chutes & Ladders board games (as well as a Lego set to the right of those)

In the screenshot above there is a weird looking clown/egg head toy that I can’t identify.  The nose lights up and there’s a tuft of hair that pops up and down as well, but I’ve never seen it before and couldn’t figure it out from google.  Anyone know what this freakish thing is? 

*Updated*  I finally freaking figured out what that egg headed toy is, it’s a 1981 Flippo Sonic Control Clown Head toy!


Also, there’s one additional Star Wars item, a Tauntaun up high on a shelf with some wooden dinosaur puzzle toys…

Okay, one last cool item that’s not technically in Elliott’s room, but goes to proving his love for the Incredible Hulk…

ET 7

21). Incredible Hulk Sleeping Bag

Hulk Sleeping Bag

I think part of the reason that discovering all of this Hulk merchandise in Elliott’s room made me so happy is that I was a pretty big fan of the character at the time too.  That TV show had a huge impact on me and I remember begging my mom for the Ben Cooper costume for Halloween around this time as well as having my own Hulk Sleeping bag and Hulk plush toy (that had velcro hands so you could make him hug your arm…)

While I’m talking about E.T. and stuff I noticed in the background, there’s another little thing that I noticed during the opening scenes with all the kids in the house playing Dungeons & Dragons.  It’s just a little thing but I noticed that C. Thomas Howell is smoking while they’re playing, but it’s only in a quick shot and the cigarette and ashtray disappear pretty quickly…

ET Smoke

I wonder if that was a mistake, like Spielberg didn’t intent for it to end up in the film, or was it placed to show the kids being a little rebellious?


I recently had the opportunity to catch E.T. on the big screen so I took extra special care to keep an eye out for details in Elliot’s room since I’d been having so much fun analyzing the bedrooms in 80s kid’s flicks recently. First of all, when I originally dissected the room there was a weird dart board cabinet that I couldn’t identify (number 15 in the above screen shot…) Well, it was as plain as day on the big screen. #15 is in fact an Artful Dodger dart board cabinet from Oliver Twist!

artful dodger

Now that I’ve identified that it doesn’t do much to explain why the Artful Dodger is on a dart board cabinet, but still, mystery solved. In addition to this I also noticed some more toys in Elliot’s room, as well as in their living room!

ET 1

1). Chutes and Ladders boardgame

2). Magic 8 Ball


3). Lego Universal Building Set

4). Empire Strikes Back Twin-Pod Cloud Car

cloud car

5). Super Simon Electronic Game

super simon

Though the Super Simon box is in the screen shot above (in Elliot’s room), the game itself is actually on a shelf in the living room…

ET 2

But for the first time I noticed that there are also some other fun things in the living room like…

6). An Atari 2600

7). Big Trak from Milton Bradley

big trax

There were also a bunch of other small, fun things I noticed throughout the film. Little details, like how John Williams drops into Yoda’s Theme for a could of beats during the Halloween scene when E.T. sees a kid dressed up in a Don Post Yoda mask…

ET 3

…or the fact that Dee Wallace is wearing a really weird handgun pin on her vest in one sequence…

ET 4

Sure, these things haven’t radically changed my outlook on the film, but any time I have the opportunity to learn something new about a film I thought I knew everything about, well that’s worth a full-priced movie ticket if you ask me.

So, anything I missed?

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  • I was hoping you’d get to this bedroom. Of all the movie kids, I always felt that I could relate to Elliot though the stuff in his room. The Star Worlds Planetarium is really cool. I’d never noticed it before. It reminds me of the 1939 Worlds Fair Saturn lamp seen in the Black Lodge on Twin Peaks. I acquired the lamp a few years back and may need to hunt down the planetarium. As always, your eagle eye has made for another great post.

    • Cool, Twin Peaks is a show I need to catch up with (planning on marathoning it over Christmas this year…) Yeah, at first when I saw the black orb I thought it was some sort of Star Wars interrogation droid toy or something! :p Also, thanks sir!

  • Ben Rollier

    I’m telling you Shawn, you’ve got a talent for this. I never noticed most of this stuff.

    • Thanks Ben, though it’s arguable whether it’s a talent or a form of nostalgia autism… ;)

      • I believe that’s also called DVDOCD

        • I totally suffer from that, and back in the VHS heyday I was constantly adjusting my tracking…

      • Ben Rollier

        I’ll go with talent :)

    • It’s kinda like one of those “I Spy” games, except much cooler.

      • Now, if only I had video or pictures of my own childhood rooms!

      • Ben Rollier

        Indeed. I’d say a ‘look & find’ book is in order.

        • If only I could gets the rights to imagery from all these films for an actual “I Spot: Films of the 80s” book! :p


    I enjoy reading these, you mentioned looking in to Different Strokes and Punky Brewster. I watched some Strokes on Youtube recently and they have a lot of toys on their shelves but most look like generic cars and planes that Mr.Drummond probably had his housekeeper buy.

    • Lol, yeah, good point. I checked out and episode of Silver Spoons and it was the same thing. Even though Rickey’s dad runs a toy company all the toys are generic and boring… :p

  • Jephso

    This is great Shawn. You helped bring out things in my favourite film that I’d never noticed before. I was always a fan of 2-1B as well.

    By the way, when I was in California earlier this year I visited Porter Ranch where many of the scenes in E.T. were filmed. It was great. I should really get some pics online.

    • Rad! I really haven’t had the opportunity to visit filming locations for flicks I love, so I can imagine that would be pretty rad. Wonder what those suburban neighborhoods from Spielberg films are like 30 years later?

      • Spotted Feather

        You REALLY have to watch Herve’s videos on youtube. The E.T. one in particular

        • Now that’s how I imaging visiting a filming location would feel like in my head. He did an amazing job editing that footage!

        • Jephso

          Yeah, that guy’s site is great. It’s where I found the locations/addresses of all the places.

          • I’ll have to bookmark that for any future travel. I’d really like to make it out to Astoria to visit the Goonies locations one day…

  • I know I’ve said it before but your “awesome 80’s Bedroom” posts are…. AWESOME! So much fun to read.

  • These posts are great. I had an Incredible Hulk outlet cover, along with a Spider-man light switch cover…still have the Spider-man one. Didn’t know they were made in Philly, where I live. Awesome.

    • Cool, in the next couple weeks I’m gonna take a look at a flick that features that a Spider-Man light switch cover, wonder if it’s the one you have? Also, thanks!

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  • Tiffany Hannay

    I’m looking for the rainbow mini blinds in Elliot’s room. I’ve tried googling anything that could show me that the at least existed at some point and weren’t made. If you could get a solid shot of the blinds or maybe some info of where they are from, I’d be greatly appreciative.

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  • Dan Challis

    I just had to look it up after reading this, and the smoking was intentional. Found a great interview with C. Thomas Howell here ( where he talks about how a Mormon kid had been cast in the role first but had to be dropped because the character was going to have to smoke. Before his audition his father stopped at a 7/11 and bought a pack of smokes to show him how to hold it and light it, then at the audition when Spielberg asked him if he was OK with smoking he pulled one out and lit it up, getting the job.

    • Oh cool, thanks for pointing to that. Now I know what I’m reading on my lunch break!

  • Maria Edwards

    I have the actual desk from elliotts room.