Awesome 80s Bedrooms part 4: The Princess Bride Edition

By Shawn Robare

I’ve been having a lot of fun searching through old movies for awesome kid-centric bedrooms, so I figured I’d take a look at another one this week.  This time I’m going to examine “The Grandson’s” room from The Princess Bride.  For some reason it sort of escaped me until just this second that Fred Savage’s character goes un-named in the flick.  Also, much like Robbie’s room in Poltergeist Savage’s character in The Princess Bride has some obvious favorite pop culture obsessions (well, at least the set designers did) as we’ll see as we take a look around his room.


I’m gonna start with the largest collection of fun stuff, the cluttered shelves behind his bed…

Princess 7

1). MOTU Battle Armor He-Man and Battle Cat


2). MOTU lesser known villains Leech, Grizzlor, Spikor and Webstor



3). Secret Wars Captain America


4). Burger King Empire Strikes Back Luke on Dagobah Glass

**UPDATE** Thanks to Esteban from the Roboplastic Apocalypse for identifying one of the comics on the shelf behond Savage as an issue of Legion of Superheroes (number 320)…


So, from what I can gather Savage’s character is a pretty big Masters of the Universe fan who loves the villains in particular (we’ll see more in a second) and probably watches She-Ra.  Also, I love that vintage bag of Cheetos.  Remember when you could see the actual Cheetos you were going to buy before you consumed them?

**Update**  The Red/Orange toy in the top left of the above screenshot is yet another MOTU toy, Skeletor’s Landshark!


Princess 5

5). 1987 Quaker Chewy Granola Walter Peyton Poster

1987 Quaker Chewy Granola 11 by 17 in Payton

6). MOTU Hordak riding Spydor



**UPDATE**  Thanks to an e-mail from reader Susan who identified the print of the multi-colored 10-speed bike in the above screenshot as Road Bike by artist John D. Wibberley.


This might be the largest He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toy collection I’ve seen in a movie bedroom.  There are a couple of other figures hiding on the shelf behind Savage, but I can’t get a clear enough image to tell who they are.  Also, the flick is most likely set in Chicago as Savage is playing a pretty big Bears fan.  Not only does he have a Walter Payton poster in his room, but he’s also wearing a Paytoon Jersey as well as another famous Bears player on his wall…

Princess 4

7). William “The Refrigerator” Perry Poster


Princess 2

Getting back to Masters of the Universe though, check out the items in the picture above…

8). Lazer Blazers Skeletor sticker


9). He-Man figure

There’s another figure next to Savage’s head that I can’t make out.  Anyone have any guesses?  In closing, there were only a couple of other items that I spotted, but they’re pretty darn cool.  First up, the most obvious thing featured in Savage’s room…

Princess 1

10). A copy of the baseball video game Hardball! by Accolade.

And I’m going to make an educated guess that he’s playing the game on a Commadore 64 based on on the joystick he’s using in this final screencap…

Princess 6

11). Quick Shot Joystick


All of this stuff was cool, but my favorite discovery snooping around Savage’s room is a certain U.K. 2000 A.D. comic character t-shirt draped over a chair in the above screenshot…

12). Judge Dredd T-Shirt

Much like the Punisher poster in young Eugene’s room in The Monster Squad, this Dredd shirt seems a little out of place for the age of the character.  That being said, I still think it’s an awesome artifact to be hiding in the background of The Princess Bride!

So, did I miss anything fun?

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  • Retromash

    Love these posts. Lots of cool stuff in that bedroom. I kind of recognise the Turbo car poster on the wall behind the Dredd t-shirt. Does anyone recognise what it was? Or was it just a generic car poster?

    • Yeah, I was just taking with my girlfriend about how I wish there was some sort of 80s poster database. Not sure about that Turbo poster, but I’m really curious about the motorcycle poster with the robot rider firing lasers from its face!

      • Retromash

        An 80s poster database would be incredible. I might have to start thinking about how to do that for my upcoming site somehow. I’ve been trying to find a few myself lately on Google and eBay. Do you remember the standard airbrush pictures of Lamborghinis, Ferraris and randomly, whales? I’ve been trying to get them for my ‘office/mancave’.

    • JamieP1982

      The poster on the cupboard is a Ford RS200 Turbo poster. I’ve tried to find the exact poster but no luck!

      • Wow, thanks for identifying the car! That’s at least a step in the right direction…

  • I love that Cheetos bag! Although they’re probably stale since the bag is open:(

    • Ha! And filled with grubby Fred Savage sick germs…

      • Paxton Holley

        Yeah, I would have mentioned the vintage Chee-tos bag. Plus the fact it’s left open right next to his bed. My mom would have had thrown a rod if I did that in my room.

        Is that a Ben Cooper devil mask hanging next to the Fridge poster? Why is there a New Mexico pennant on the wall in the last shot? They live in Chicago? Was there some backstory involving them previously living in New Mexico? There are some comics hanging out back there too but I can’t really make out any of them.

        Skeletor’s Land Shark is pretty badass even though it makes little to no sense.

        • Paxton Holley

          The Payton poster is a pretty standard poster type from the day. Sports Illustrated did them as well as the NFL. So it may not necessarily be the Quaker posters, which were “sort of” replicas of existing stuff out there. But they could be.

          However, did you notice there are TWO of those Bears posters. The Payton one is by the bookshelf next to the window (which looks like a picture of the outside instead of an actual window). The other poster is right by the room’s entrance where Grandpa is walking in. I can’t make out who it is.

          Jim McMahon, maybe?

          Loving this article series, Shawn.

          • Yeah, I saw the other Bears poster, but couldn’t make out who it was. It better be McMahon! Unfortunately it wasn’t this one though…

          • Paxton Holley

            Yeah. I pretty much want to marry that poster.

          • I’m think I’m pregnant with that poster’s baby…

          • Paxton Holley

            That poster doesn’t love you, Shawn. It loves ME. WE WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!!!

        • I’m not sure about the masks. There are actually a bunch of masks in the room (a devil, a skull and Doctor Doom!) I’m inferring from all the Bears junk that they live in Chicago. Honestly, there is like zero backstory on these characters by design.

          I noticed that New Mexico pennant too, and I like your idea about a movie. It sort of plays into the Grandson being lonely and in need of visits from Grandpa…

          The comics are impossible to decipher too.


    I enjoy reading these 80s bedroom breakdowns. I watched a short episode of an Australian show called 7 Days later that had Corey Feldman in it and an Alien in the show transported him back to his 80s childhood bedroom.

    • I saw your link to it on twitter, I totally have to check that out!

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  • 3Storms

    I am pretty sure the red car is a Testors Ferrari 308 1/24 model kit.

    • Oh cool!

      • 3Storms

        Also it looks like the comic books in the same pic are Rom Space Knight and Micronauts

        • Yeah, I hard a hard time trying to figure those covers out. I think you’re right!

  • KikaidaLibre

    Next to the Landshark there is also a MOTU Zoar toy.

  • Omar Khan

    Poster with the creatures on it behind the grandfather?