Halloween Hangover: Robbie’s Room from Poltergeist

By Shawn Robare

Well another Halloween season has come and gone, but I’m not quite ready for it to complete move on.  I’d intended to post more during the month, but like always life got in the way and blah blah blah.  You know what it’s like.  So, as a little bit of an extra Halloween-y goodie I thought it’d be fun to take a closer look at another pop culture bedroom (I examined rooms from The Monster Squad and Adventures in Babysitting earlier in the year), this time Robbie and Carol Anne’s room from Poltergeist!


Now I’m going to concentrate on Robbie’s half of the room because honestly Carol A\nne’s side was pretty darn sparse and boring.  Seriously, there’s just nothing to it, see…

Poltergeist 3

I mean there’s that cow poster, a Precious Moments poster, and that baby carriage, but I’m falling asleep just listing that stuff.  Robbie’s side of the room on the the other hand is chock full of all kinds of 80s era awesome.  I mean just check out this one screen shot!

Poltergeist 8

Alright, let’s break this room down…

1). Darth Vader Action Figure Carrying case.


2). Toys ‘R Us Geoffrey Sleeping Bag.

3). Speak & Spell.


4). Empire Strike Back Host Laser Turret and Imperial Probe Droid playset

Turret and Probot

5). Star Wars Tie Fighter.

tie 2

6). Poster from the movie Alien.


7). Star Wars bedsheets.

That is a whole lot of awesome for just one scene in the film, and that’s not even counting the stuff that I can’t identify (like that blue robot thing on the floor just to the right of his mom or the weird 1988 Superbowl Champion poster above his bed that makes no sense considering the movie was released in 1982!)  First off, I have to say that it’s pretty cool that Robbie was such a huge fan of Star Wars, though I guess that was pretty indicative of every other kid from the time.  I know I had a metric ton of Star Wars toys by this time including those sheets.

**Update**  Thanks to Esteban from the Roboplastic Apocalypse for identifying the blue robot as Karrio, the Micronauts carrying case!



It’s also not even half of the SW stuff in his room…

Poltergeist 5

In fact, here’s some more in the above screenshot.

8). Star Wars A New Hope poster.

9). Yoda Hand Puppet.


10). Taun Taun and various Star Wars action figures (including Tatooine Luke, Hoth Han Solo, FX-7 Medical Droid, and R2-D2)


While collecting screenshots of Robbie’s room it was kind of neat to notice that the toys on the shelf behind his bed kept moving around from scene to scene so either they were always getting knocked over or Oliver Robins was having fun playing with them between takes!

Here’s one last screenshot with yet more Star Wars stuff!

Poltergeist 9

11). C3-P0 and R2-D2 poster (it’s dark in the screenshot, but trust me, I’ve stared at it long enough to recognize them.)

12). Darth Vader poster.

13). Bert & Ernie poster.

14). Kick ass Chewbacca jacket!

So, anything I missed?

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  • Lamar the Revenger

    I love these posts. Also.. how old was Robbie? I guess his sister gave him the Alien poster.

    • Yeah, my guess is 8-9, 3rd or 4th grade age. The Alien poster had to be a hand-me-down, though I was totally 10 with a Robocop poster in my room :p

      • I had Nightmare on Elm Street VHS tapes when I was in 4th grade and even worked on a comic book adaptation of the third movie. :P

        • Nice! I remember trying my hand at an adaptation of the Friday the 13th series into a comic strip in middle school. Good times. You still have those drawings?

          • It’s a 40 page comic that was on soft paper kind of like construction paper. And yes.. I still have it!

          • Cool! I have so little of my elementary and middle school era artwork. I managed to keep some, but there is so much that I lost along the years…

  • Very cool and all stuff I would have missed watching the movie. The Super Bowl poster is puzzling, though!

    • Yeah, I think it was intended as a sort of wish fulfillment kind of thing. Hey kid, in 1988 (six distant years in the future when you’re 18 or so) you’re totally gonna win the superbowl! Or something. Either that or Spielberg is a time traveler, a theory that I’ve always believed would one day be proven by examining the little details in the backgrounds of his movies… ;)

  • Retromash

    I love these room breakdowns Shawn. Awesome posts. The props guys making those films must have had a great time popping out to the shops to buy all that.

    • I know it’s a job I’d love for sure. Pretty sure I’d be hiding stuff all over the sets… ;)

  • Aelia

    Great breakdown! Too bad there wasn’t more variety in Carol Anne’s half of the room.
    Wasn’t there also a C3-P0 switch cover of the light switch in the kid’s bedroom?

    • Oh man! If there was I totally missed it. Gotta break out the DVD again…

      • geotroid

        You can see the C-3PO light switch when the startled investigators enter the room with the toys flying all around. It happens right when the Mego “World’s Greatest Superheros” Hulk doll riding the horse greets them ;-)

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  • geotroid

    I have screen shots of different bedroom angles with several different toys that are not seen above. Poltergiest begs for a second look ;-)

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  • In the screenshot with 8, 9 and 10 it looks like there’s a pillow on the shelf on the top right that has the mascot.. Geoffry the Giraffe fro Toys ‘R’ Us. Perhaps they furnished the toys for that room.

    • Yup, good eye! I think it’s a rolled up Toys R Us branded sleeping bag. I’d be willing to bet you’re right and there was a product deal with them. Wonder if they get thanked in the credits? Might need to pop that in later today and check…

  • Dan Challis

    Unlike many of the other 80’s rooms you’ve covered (that I’ve seen so far, which isn’t all of them, yet) I actually had the majority of this stuff in my room, I was (and still am) a big fan of the Star Wars and Alien franchises. I had an Aliens poster also. Even had that Yoda hand puppet, when I got older I’d stash my weed inside it. What’s up with his Darth Vader action figure case? It has red eyes, which I never noticed in the movie. Was there another variation that had red eyes instead of black, did Robbie just paint it or was that some sort of paranormal activity that I just didn’t notice? On top of the case I had a stupid Chewbacca bandolier thing that held action figures and you’d walk around with them strapped to your chest and back, and I actually used it lol. I actually still have all the toys and the case/bandolier packed away but the posters are gone as well as the Yoda puppet and Speak & Spell.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure if the production painted the Vader case or if there was a variation that had dark clear red plastic in the eyes. It makes me wonder if there was a special effect planned where the case came alive or something. Maybe a deleted scene?
      Also, that’s pretty awesome that you were able to hang onto the toys. And repurposing your Yoda puppet ;)

      • Dan Challis

        I was Googling around and found a Star Wars toy forum where somebody said that some of the cases came with red stickers on the eyes, but I couldn’t find a picture or anything. And yeah, I couldn’t get rid of those Star Wars toys, I was too sentimental about them. And by the time I was getting to the age where I wasn’t playing with toys anymore the Star Wars toys were already becoming collectible and worth a little bit of money (though not as much as they would become) and my mother was an antiques dealer who had seen some of those toys pop up in stores, so it wasn’t hard to talk her into making a place in the attic for them instead of tossing them or donating them to Goodwill like they probably would have insisted on doing. Thanks to my older brothers I also have the entire run of the original Marvel Star Wars comics in a box and most of the Return Of The Jedi trading cards. I got a whole box for my birthday one year and put them all in an album.

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