Awesome 80s Bedrooms: Goonies Edition

By Shawn Robare

In my quest to document some of the awesome kid’s bedrooms from 80s flicks I’ve been kind of bummed that some of my favorite flicks don’t really have any bedroom scenes, or if they do they’re super abbreviated.  A movie like SpaceCamp only features the communal bunks at, er, Space Camp, while films like Wargames, The Wizard, and Little Monsters have super boring rooms with little to nothing to really comment on.  There are also some that are featured so quickly that it’s hard to really get a good look at anything.  Today’s awesome 80s bedroom, Mikey’s room from The Goonies, fits in that latter category, even though it’s a brief appearance there are still a handful of fun things to be spotted…


This main shot has the bulk of the fun junk (even though there is a second shot as Mikey walks out of the room where you can see his work bench, there’s not a lot to comment on…)

Goonies 3

1). The Jacksons Poster clipping (most likely from their 1984 tour) *Corrected* Prince and the Revolution!  Dude, the white glove tricked me!!!  Thanks to The Navigator (as in Flight Of) for pointing out this poster clipping error!


2). MSA All Service Gas Mask Model S.

MSA All Service Gas Mask Model S 1

3). 1984 LJN Gremlins PVC figures (featuring the Gizmo and Stripe Mogwai)

LJN Gremlins Figures

4). Tomy Zoids ZRK model


5). 1978 Superman Sheets

Superman Sheets

So there’s a handful of fun stuff in this shot.  I was really happy to spot the Zoids toy as well as the Gremlins Mogwai figures (a nice nod to Spielberg), but also the ’78 era Superman bed sheets!  Richard Donner having a past film in the set dressing is pretty rad.  There’s a bunch of magazines and comics on the dresser that are impossible to identify, as well as an interesting looking pink book that I have no idea what it is.  Also, I love the skull light on the bed post!  Speaking of magazines though…

Goonies 2

6). Coconut Pirate Head

7). Mad Magazine issue 227

MAD Magazine issue 227

This isn’t the only Mad magazine in the flick.  Though Mikey is looking at this issue in his room, in a moment, after he walks out and gets a pep talk from Bran, he throws himself on the couch where he picks up another issue, again making reference to Donner’s 1978 Superman film…

Goonies 1

8). Mad Magazine issue 208

Mad magazine 208

So, even though this was a really quick sequence, it illustrates that Mikey still had a pretty awesome bedroom!

So, did I miss anything?

Other Awesome Bedrooms I’ve covered…

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  • I kinda wish we could have gotten to see a glimpse of all the kids’ bedrooms in Goonies, especially Mouth’s. I bet he had a healthy stash of porn.

    • Whole heartedly agree! I’d be willing to bet Chunk had quite the stash of Tiger Beats and empty pizza boxes. Oh, and I’ll also bet Mouth had a huge stack of photos of Chunk’s mom… :p

  • Retromash

    Great to see Zoids getting some screen time. You don’t see enough of them these days in my opinion. And one thing that I loved from the 80s were plazma balls and they had a couple of them up in the attic (which their Dad irresponsibly just left on all the time?!)

    • Right?! Maybe that’s another reason that the Walshs were going to have to move away from the Goondocks, they couldn’t afford their electric bill :p

      • Retromash

        Totally. Goonies never say ‘Turn off the lights’. I do really want to visit that house location in Astoria one day. Looks amazing.

        • Me too. The 30th anniversary is coming up pretty soon, wonder if there’ll be another big celebration like for the 25th?


            I went to The Goonies house in 2003 while on a cruise ship, I also went to McDonalds in Astoria that day and bought a He-man Happy meal with some toys from the `02 He-Man series. It was an Awesome day. The movie Short Circuit was also filmed in Astoria and Kindergarten Cop, now Imagine being a Goonie in the 80s and going to school and your teacher is Arnold Swarzenegger and Johnny 5 is running loose in the woods blowing up stuff. What a town to grow up in.

          • Now that is the way I want to remember my childhood!

  • Robert (

    These posts are so awesome! I wonder if anyone finds them looking for another type of bedroom scene, though…

    If you ever make your way into the ’90s, you have to take a look at the “Hocus Pocus” bedroom. I’m not sure if there’s any cool stuff in it but the bedroom itself always looks awesome (I remember there being like a cool loft or something in there).

    • Ha! I totally need to put together a compilation of the obscure deleted sex scenes from 80s movies (like Goonies, E.T., and Ghostbusters – seriously all three have them!)

      Yeah, I’m having a ton of fun doing these and am running of of worth candidates, so I might just break into the 90s…

  • jeremyJB

    I have both those issues of MAD! I have never felt so cool! Honestly…never.

    • Sean Astin/Mikey Walsh is totally the litmus test for cool in my book!

      • TheNavigator

        Having asthma when I was younger (and still now but not as bad) he was a great character to look up to as he was still cool and going on adventures despite having it. When they released the figures a few years back he was the one I got he even came with a little asthma inhaler!

        • Cool, I totally missed those figures. I love it when there are interesting personal aspects like that you can relate to with pop culture characters…

  • I own that Horror Mad magazine! Again.. love these.. totally sharing it with everyone today.

    • Thanks! Yeah, Mad magazines are a large hole in my collection. That and cracked. Need to track some of these down from my childhood. There was a Cracked offshoot called Monster Party or something that featured an awesome article that detailed every death from the Friday the 13th flicks from the 80s. Need to find that…

  • TheNavigator

    The Poster on the wall is Purple Rain era Prince And The Revolution rather than the Jacksons, Also I think you need to start doing Toy Shops featured in 80s movies as I know that Gremlins, Big and Childs Play all have great ones!

    • Holy crap, good eye, and thanks for calling me on that! Seriously, I couldn’t find that image anyway (obviously because I was searching for the wrong thing!) Corrected and noted to you. Do you have a website I can link to?

      Also, great idea. There’s also one in The Toy…

      • TheNavigator

        Mouth is also wearing a Purple Rain T Shirt in the movie so they are obviously into Prince as he was cool back then. I don’t have a website ive been wanting to do an 80s website similar to yours but am a bit of a slacker when it comes to things like that. If I did though it would be like a UK version of yours as you have the US covered I cant top that (been following your site for awhile great stuff!). You may remember I was the one you sent a Ninja Turtles card to in the UK and I sent a picture of it on a Dangermouse Car which was great as im a massive Ninja Turtles Fan!

        • Dude, awesome, totally jealous of that Dangermouse car! Yeah, having just read Corey Feldman’s memoir I guess I have Michael Jackson on the brain. Good point about Mouth’s shirt…

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  • tigertail777

    In one of the cut scenes (mostly referred to in the printed Goonies books, but I think a small part of the scene is on the DVD extras where Mikey flips through a stack of MAD magazines) it talks about the MAD fold in being an actual plot point: Mikey learns a clue about the map by folding it like a MAD fold in. If you look at the Goonies Souvenir magazine, it shows two halves of the Doubloon on either side of the map, so I think the original plot was that folding the map would show you need to use the doubloon to line it up with the lighthouse and the rock. The same kind of idea utilized a year before in “Romancing the Stone” (folding the map to reveal something). On a room related note, I would love to find the pirate themed pattern on the couch in the living room.

    • Good point about the map! Yeah, I love that little Mad Magazine fold-in detail…

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