Awesome 80s Bedrooms: Big Edition

By Shawn Robare

It’s been a little while since I sat down and dissected an awesome pop culture bedroom so I thought I’d dive back in by taking a closer look at Josh Baskin’s childhood room in the 1988 movie Big.  First off I love this movie to death, and love all the little details and weird merchandising (like the wacky comic book adaptation.)  This movie is literally bursting at the seams with amazing 80s toys, I mean between all of the Masters of the Universe, Bravestarr, and ThunderCats posters up in the cubicles where he works at MacMillan Toys, all of the stuff in the Photon Showdown scene in the toy store (Fireball Island, StarCom, Pound Puppies and giant kid-sized Lamborghini’s), the plethora of stuff in his office (including MOTU, Silverhawks, G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K.), or all the junk in his apartment (Thundercats sheets, Inhumanoilds and giant Gumbys) you can kind of go numb trying to spot all the cool stuff.  Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula did a fantastic job of breaking a bunch of that stuff down.  But I’m gonna concentrate on some of the stuff in Josh’s bedroom in his house at the start of the film…


The flick opens up with some great shots of Josh’s room and in the mess there is some pretty neat stuff…

Big 1

1). Galoob Power Machines Flex

Galoob Power Machines Flex

2). Bravestarr Stratocoach from Mattel

Bravestarr Stratocoach

3). G.I. Joe Devilfish


4). Garbage Pail Kids school folders

GPK Folder

I had a few of those GPK folders and man I wished I’d hung onto them.  For awhile it was the only way I could get a glimpse at some of the 1st series John Pound artwork since those stickers were near impossible to find when I started collecting back when the 2nd and 3rd series were just coming out.  Also, you gotta love that Galoob Flex motorized truck.  From the same folks that brought us The Animal and Leader 16 (aka Truckapiller!)  But, from a slightly different angle we can see Josh also had some Masters of the Universe stuff…


So it was killing me the entire time I wrote this post.  There were a couple of toys that I just could not place for the life of me.  But finally after an exhaustive search I finally found them!

13). Gold Chrome Variant Laser Force Spaceship from Gay Toys 1983

gay toys laser force rocket


14). Green Laser Force Tank from Gay Toys 1983


These were apparently available in many different color schemes with various colored attachments and canopy colors.  There, now I can rest easy tonight… :p

Big 2

5). Laster Tag bed sheets and comforter

6). Masters of the Universe Bashasaurus

MOTU Bashasaurusus

Josh was also a fan of Spider-Man as we can see in this next shot…

Big 3

7). Power Tronic Secret Wars Spider-Man Walkie Talkie

Power Tronic Secret Wars Spirder-Man Walkie Talkies

8). The Amazing Spider-Man light switch cover

Spiderman Light Switch Cover

What I totally forgot was that Josh shared a room with his baby sister, and thanks to my girlfriend Jaime I now know that, that huge toy in the crib with her is a Pillow Person!

Big 4

9). Pillow People Sweet Dreams doll

pillow people

There are a couple of other things I wanted to mention from Josh’s house, namely his super rad taste in, um, undergarments…

Big 5

10). Kellogs Strawberry Squares cereal

Kellogs Strawberry Squares

11). M.A.S.K. Funpals/Underoos


You know, I’ve wanted to do an advertising retrospective on Underoos for years.  I have a bunch that I’ve found in old issues of McCalls and Woman’s Day from the 80s, but do you have any idea how hard it is to write and article about kid’s underwear, no matter how freaking awesome the branding might be, without feeling like a skeezy perv?  It’s next to impossible.  I mean just putting all the imagery from the advertisements together, all the kids prancing around super happy in their underwear, well it’s more than a little weird.  Sigh.  At least this movie gives me a good excuse to finally talk about it a little.  And now that I am, um, how mind-meltingly awesome is it that we live in a world where a two-time Oscar winning actor has been caught on film sporting a pair of Underoos featuring one of my favorite cartoons of all time?!?  And people wonder why I love the 80s…

Big 20

12). Silverhawks Underoos

15). Tyco Zero Gravity Cliffhangers Slot Car Set (which you can see under his bed in the first screen shot above…)


16). Etch a Sketch


So, thanks to The Navigator for pointing out that there are more shots of Josh’s bedroom in the recent Extended Edition of Big which features 20 minutes of additional scenes Penny Marshall added back in to her director’s cut of the film!  In a screen shot from the below scene we can see that Josh had more Bravestarr toys than I first realized…


17). Bravestarr Neutra-Laser

Bravestarr neutralaser

18). Bravestarr 30-30 action figure


There’s also some sort of boxed robot toy underneath the bed in the light blue/teal box.  I can’t make out the text completely, but it looks like “… Man” and it appears to be some sort of gold Gundam-esque mecha or robot.  Anyone have any ideas on what this might be?

Also, after watching the Extended Edition for the first time last night I was trying to be hyper aware and for the first time I noticed a rather awesome piece of pop culture ephemera in Josh’s supremely UN-awesome NY hotel room.  I’m labeling this as “negative one” because that room sucks!


-1) Mr. T Air Freshener

$_57Last but certainly not least, I wanted to leave you all with this other neat item that I think gets overlooked in the movie.  In the famous boardroom pitch scene where we’re introduced to the delightful if rather pointless transforming skyscraper (“I don’t get it…”), there is another interesting and totally pointless prototype transformer in the background…

Big 7

The Car-nimal!  Seriously, it’s a car that transforms into a car with legs instead of wheels.  The irony isn’t quite as astounding as a transforming skyscraper, but it’s still pretty silly and dumb.  Love these little details in the film.  You know, now that I’m thinking about it, is the Sky Scraper Bot really all that dumb?  I mean, we did have Fortress Maximus and Metroplex.  Think about it…

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  • Ha ha, man I used to think those pillow people were so lame. It was crazy how many of my friends had the animal growing up. It would usually get full of sand and the claws would get stuck. Thanks for the trip back!

    • Hey Frank, thanks for reading. Yeah, I never had The Animal, but I had a couple friends who did and the claws always got stuck in the wheels :/

  • TheNavigator

    In the Extended edition DVD/Blu Ray there are a few more shots of the bedroom like this one featuring the Neutralaser & 30/30 from the Bravestarr line

    • Holy Crap! Oh man, I need a Blu-Ray player…

      • TheNavigator

        Its on DVD too that’s what I have it on as im not a fan of BluRay im mainly a classic movie fan anyway so the HD thing isn’t really important me. You need to see the extended version though as it makes it more of a classic than it already is with more depth to the Josh & Susan relationship and you get to see Billys family!

    • It looks like there’s more stuff under his bed too! Argh!

  • Aside from the Spider-Man stuff, Gi Joe Devil fish, and Underoos (you perv) most of the toys seemed like they were kind of obscure ones. Must have been a hard one to do this time around. I love it!

    • Yeah, there were a couple that had me on the ropes (the Gay Toy Company toys and the Power Machines Flex for sure…!) Thanks!

  • Ben Rollier

    Another awesome bedroom post. I LOVE Big. To this day, I still want that kickass loft he had with the toys, bunk bed & trampoline.

    On a side note, I could really go for some Strawberry Squares.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been wanting to hit this one for awhile, it’s also one of my favorite flicks. Penny Marshall needs to direct more movies! I could totally also go for some Strawberry Squares, heck I’d love a bowl of Raisin Squares right about now…

  • The underwear ad is kind of disturbing, but then I remember, “Oh right, 1980s,” so it’s okay. Great post, though! I love Big. Have you done his “big kid” bedroom in the studio apartment before?

    • Thanks! Yeah, like I mentioned as much as I want to do a retrospective on Underoos ads from the 80s, I can’t. It just comes across way too pervy. I was going to do Josh’s Apartment room, but Matt over at Dino Drac already did it pretty damn well and I didn’t want to step on his blogging toes ;)

  • DetectiveFork

    May I suggest D.A.R.Y.L. for an Awesome 80s Bedrooms feature? I seem to remember him playing with a bunch of Transformers.

    • Oh cool! I still have yet to see this flick. I think it’s out of print right now and thus Netflix doesn’t have it. Might have to bite the bullet and buy this on DVD…

  • I just revisited this for the millionth time yesterday, and I came here to check out this feature again to see how many I missed. But I found one that’s not on this list–under your #1 in the picture is a green head and the green body under the bed: combine those, and you have Masters of the Universe Bionatops!

  • KikaidaLibre

    The dinosaur next to #18 the Bravestarr horse is what I believe to be Bionatops from Masters of the Universe.

    • That’s one of the MOTU toys that I totally missed out on. Thanks for pointing to it!

  • Daniel

    That box under the bed is a Visible Man model kit – I had that very same model in the early 80’s

    • Oh cool! Good eye! Also, I always wanted one of those kits. My folks thought they were too morbid for me when I was little though…

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  • ShadowOfTheVoid

    I actually had that grey Laser Force tank thing. We had some totally rad toys back in the 80s.

    • We really did. Wonder how long before we start seeing this stuff in museums? ;)

  • Hobgoblin238

    Would love you to do the movie Hiding out from 1987. The teenager had a pretty interesting room.

    • You know, I’ve been meaning to rewatch that flick. It’s been a few years, but I do love it…