Peel Here #89: Great Job Kid!

By Shawn Robare

My wife has been working diligently over the past couple of weeks on a couple of secret stuffed-animal/plush projects, and I’ve just been so proud of her.  She’s really making strides with each project and I’m so glad that she’s also challenging herself with each new outing.  Anyway, though I can’t really get into what these new awesome plushes are, I can take a second to point to her site at

In honor of her plugging away and doing some fine work, I thought I’d break out a mini collection of "Good Job" achievement-style sticker sheets that have been sitting in the drawer for awhile now.  These are all from the late 70s early 80s and come from the collection of Jerzy and Anne Drozd, who graciously sent them my way (along with a nifty photo book sticker collection that I need to scan.) 

This first set of stickers looks the oldest to me, at least design and art-wise, though it wasn’t labeled with a date, just the company, Fasson…

I get that the designers were going for a food/achievement theme, but a couple of these just don’t quite hit the mark, at least not in a good way.  Squeeze Me and Delicious just seem a tad inappropriate for doing well on grade school homework.   Maybe it’s just me…

This next sheet, released by Hallmark in 1980 is probably my favorite.  There’s just something really awesome about the thick colored border around early 80s stickers that just sends me back in time (much like the portrait stickers that come in various Topps brand sticker subsets like the Incredible Hulk, Buck Rogers, or Howard the Duck.)

These are also nice for covering the gamut between obvious (the award ribbons), cute (tree-mendous), awesome (dynamite), and subtle and a little odd in the metaphor department (keep it up with the suspenders…)

The last sheet was produced in 1982 by Dennison.

A little bit on the plain side, though I really dig the outstanding sticker for its intergalactic imagery.  I wonder if the teacher or parent that used these back in the day wondered if they should hold the middle strip of stickers for the really good work considering there weren’t duplicates?  I know I would have…