Awesome 80s Bedrooms

I started a small project of documenting all of the cool kid’s bedrooms from 80s era movies recently and I’ve been having a lot of fun scouring my collection of DVDs to try and find all the neat stuff hiding in each room.  So I thought I’d make a handy list of all the Awesome Bedrooms I’ve covered…

Sean’s Room and The Monster Squad Clubhouse!

Sara’s Room from Adventures in Babysitting

Eugene’s Room from The Monster Squad

Mikey’s room from the Goonies

David’s room from Flight of the Navigator

Robbie’s room from Poltergeist

Ben’s room from The Explorers

Pee Wee’s room from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Elliott’s room from E.T. Part 1     Elliott’s room Part 2

Fred Savage’s room from The Princess Bride

Josh’s room from Big

Sarah’s room from Labyrinth

Louis’ room from The Boy Who Could Fly