Peel Here #17, More sniffy goodness…

By Shawn Robare

Here’s part two of my four column series on Scratch & Sniff stickers for this month’s Peel Here. Since these stickers pretty much speak for themselves, I’ll let them do just that. Outside of Tomato, Raspberry, and Toothpaste, I believe I had all of these growing up.

Roller Skates – Leather

Tree – Wood

Cupcake – Vanilla

Banana – Banana

Apple – Apple

Toothpaste – Toothpaste

Tomato – Tomato

Strawberry – Strawberry

Raspberry – Raspberry

Pretzel – Pretzel

Plum – Plum

Pizza – Pizza (Probably one of the most popular scents, if I remember correctly it didn’t smell as much like pizza as it did some misc. spices.)

Pineapple – Pineapple

Pear – Pear

This one was sort of a breezy one, but fear not, there will be yet another simple one next week. Man, most of these Trend scratch and sniffs were pretty straight forward…

  • Savage

    I had some of these. I used to collect them, but it was hard keeping them in mint condition when they smelled soooo good. I don’t know where mine are now. I bet the dog ate them.

  • Esteban

    I stared at this post for hours trying to figure out in which context these stickers appeared in my life. I think my sister’s grade school teachers would put these all over her schoolwork papers. I thought they only came from teachers and didn’t know they were available to normal people.

  • CJB

    CTP is the brand I have the most of, I’ve learned. I also used to think only teachers were “”allowed”” to buy reward stickers, so imagine my surprise when I discovered educational supply stores! Stickers galore, and cheaper by the stack than regular ones. I don’t recall seeing the “”martini”” scented ones though. I’m sure those were reserved for the teacher’s lounge. ;-)

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