Peel Here #18, so many damn scratch & sniffs…

By Shawn Robare

It seems like my day job has been slowly trying to stalk and kill me lately, so long story short, I’m beat and this week’s Peel Here is going to be a quick one again. Also once again, these are pretty straightforward Trend scratch & sniff stickers, and probably next week’s batch will be as well, so not much to say. Anyway…





Lawn Mower

Ketchup (Catsup? I could go one for days reciting this silly line uttered by Mr. Burns the first time he goes shopping for himself on the Simpsons.)

Apple (2nd version)


Bubble Gum

Grape Jelly

Football (I think these were later Trend stickers as they’re a little more die-cut than the basic round stickers.)


Sweet Corn (Okay the picture on this one freaks me out.  That corn is way to happy and I can’t get the idea that it’s singing the “I love Ta Singa” song from that one early Looney Tunes short with the owls.)

Cola (*Updated*, this is actually cola, not milkshake, thanks Lora.)

I’ll probably have two entries for next week’s Peel Here as I received some reader/listener provided sticker scans that will fit quite well into the Scratch & Sniff March slew of posts.

  • Nala

    Man. I had a ton of these. I can still remember the smells of some of them too.

  • Lora

    The last one was actually ‘Cola’-scented, not Milkshake. God, I can’t believe I remember this sh*t.

  • Hey! I know this is an old post, but I hope you’re still getting notified of comments. Can you possibly explain the peanut one to me? I don’t understand why it says “That-a-way.” Does that make any sense to you?

    • Hey Lisa, I do get notifications :) As for the peanut Trend scratch and sniff sticker, I think the idea is that it’s supposed to be an “atta-boy” or “way-to-go” style message (for teachers to use on papers), but yeah, not the best phrasing. I think they were going for something in the ballpark of “That’s the way to do it!”, but disastrously decided to shorten it.

      • I totally agree! I asked a friend about it the other day, and he thought it had a “Way to go!” vibe, too, so I think that’s exactly what it is. Thank you SO much for being a scratch and sniff expert and for sharing your knowledge online!! :)