"Aww Nuts"

By Shawn Robare

I came across a weird comic called Plop! while looking up Sergio Aragones this past year. When I was actively collecting comics I pretty much stuck to the stuff that was coming out at the time (late 80s through the 90s), so I completely missed out on these types of books (except for the odd issue of MAD or Cracked I’d pick up.) I think marvel had a similar book around the same time, and I’m glad that I stumbled across these because I really like the silly humor, especially the monster themed strips (which there were a ton of.) Here’s a short two-page gag called The Message from Plop! #1 (the DC magazine of weird humor) published September/October 1973 and featuring a concept by Sheldon Mayer and art by Alfredo P. Alcala

There’s a large part of me that hopes my after life will be similar (though I’m sure I’d be stalking into houses to watch cartoons and repeats of old monster movies. Hey, a guy can hope can’t he…

  • Todd

    Plop! is an early memory for me as it was one of the first comics that I picked up at the super market. Crazy zany stuff and those Wolverton covers are some of the weirdest covers ever!

  • Kirk D.

    Great strip. Theres a certain perfection to the way the ghost is illustrated.

  • jay

    This was a fun strip. I know this was before it even existed but I was imagining that the guy’s fish on the wall sang and flipped back and forth.

  • John Rozum

    It’s nice to see this. I had a handful of issues of Plop! which were kept in a box that unfortunately mice got into.