Bring your torches, really, Frankenstein’s monster says

By Shawn Robare

In talking about that Universal Monster figures yesterday I thought it would be fun to follow up on the other UM licensed product I found this year, a set of votives shaped in the busts of the monsters…

I found these at a Walgreen’s on sale (3 for $2.) Like the action figures, these don’t really reflect the appearance of the original actors and actresses that portrayed them, but they’re still pretty cool nonetheless. Heck, the fact that the company who produced these gave a nod to the creature is pretty darn cool all by itself.

One of the things that always nagged me a little come pumpkin-carving-and-displaying time is when I carve the jack-o-lantern’s mouth too large or low and then I can end up seeing the candle inside. Well this year I won’t have to worry, because even if I slip up, the candle will be all Halloween-y anyway…

  • Todd

    Dig that Creature and Wolfman! Looks like I need to make a stop at Walgreens!

  • Max the Drunken Severed Head

    Burn, baby, burn!