Peel Here #51, I think I’ve like to cast my vote for Pumpkinhead…

By Shawn Robare

Well, it’s the last week in October with Halloween right around the corner, so it’s time for my last spooky themed Peel Here of the season. This week’s post is a short one, but one that should be welcome to any fans of some of Hollywood’s more modern monsters (in particular Freddy Kruger.) The following stickers come from the 1988 Topps Fright Flicks sub set. I remember picking up a few packs of these cards and if I’m remembering correctly, they were a lot like the You’ll Die Laughing series, just updated for the 80s.

I’m pretty sure the cards were similar to the stickers in that a fair number of them must have featured the incorrigible Mr. Kruger as he fits so well into the whole concept of cards with bad puns plastered all over them…

What’s really interesting to me about this set of stickers (and the cards as well) is that the licenses for these characters come from multiple studios. It seems kind of weird that Topps managed to finagle them all into participating in a single piece of merchandising, but apparently they did.

Like most good Topps sets there is again a card-back puzzle poster, though this time it’s pretty ugly, what with the whole cut and past job that had to be done in order to get all these characters together.

Anyway, next week officially marks the 1 year anniversary of Peel Here, and I’ve got a pretty fun post planned. Now I’m off to bake Halloween cookies and start carving our pumpkin. I can almost smell the roasting pumpkin seeds now…

  • Jay

    That first hazardous Freddy card is awesome, it’s always been one of my favorite scenes. As a kid it was hard to forget that scene after I first saw it. It totally is amazing how they got access to use all of these characters. The fact that they used the librarian ghost from the ghostbusters is awesome because she doesn’t get a lot of action. Also, the Freddy vs. Dream Warriors card is kickass because it’s obviously from a promotional photo…and they’re always the best because they’re rare. It’s not like they just took a screen shot. This is a great set Shawn, thanks for posting it! Happy Halloween!!

  • Fiji Mermaid

    Those Topps stickers are great. I can’t believe I never saw them. They acutally have some cool monsters on there.

  • Zach S.

    This flooded me with memories. Hunting tese down at flea markets and swap meets, hustling up enough quarters to pay for them and then trying to figure out the best way to hide them from my folks.