The Complete Real Ghostbusters, or how to go broke buying back your childhood…

By Shawn Robare

Recently Time Life announced that they would be releasing the complete Real Ghostbusters Cartoon on DVD sometime this fall (including the later re-named version Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters.)  On the one hand it’s pretty cool that all 140 odd episodes of the show are finally coming out on DVD (instead of those annoying 4-episode discs that came out a couple years ago), but on the other, the set being released is sort of a behemoth, the type of DVD release that could very easily hit shelves with an astronomical MSRP, not get purchased, and then find it’s way quickly to out-of-print DVD hell. 

Personally I’m not a fan of complete series sets, unless of course the show in question only lasted a couple seasons. Typically they’re released after all of the individual seasons have come out and for folks like me that pick them up bit by bit, the complete set is pointless.  What’s worse is that these sometimes come with the best special features (as in the case of Seinfeld which came with a nice coffee table book put together by Jerry and the producers of the show which is only available with the complete set.)  Also, there’s that whole pesky price issue.  Who wants to drop over a hundred dollars on a set of DVDs, no matter how much material is on them?  It took me forever and a day to convince myself that it was worth dropping $80 on the complete Monty Python set (a show that I adore), and that was after it had been out for years and the price slashed in half.  I don’t mind paying this much in the long run, it’s just the all-at-once deal that really gets on my nerves…

Getting back to the Real Ghostbusters, I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of having to choose between either three 4-episode discs that would run around $15 total, or a 25-disc set that will probably cost in the neighborhood of $130.  Since when is targeting only the uber and extremely casual fans a good business plan?  Anyway, that’s quite enough griping from me. 

**Update**  Well, apparently I was being way to conservative with my $130 estimate on the complete series. just updated with the release date, price and extras on this set and it’s going to clock in at an ungodly $179!  Again, I ask, who has 2 bills to drop on an 80s cartoon series all at once?  Oh, and you have to purchase it thorough Time Life much the way they held the Muppets hostage for so many years.  Ug.  This coveted, yet overpriced, set drops on November 15th

The reason for this post is to point to a news story on, which give fans the opportunity to vote on possible cover artwork for the complete series set.  There are two possible choices, both of which will probably feature some sort of lenticular motion action scenes on the outer slipcase.  Personally my favorite of the two is the simpler art featuring the gang against a flat black background with a lenticular slime effect at the top of the box…

The other choice features the trademarked home base of the Ghostbusters, the renovated fire station (which is going to feature lenticular motion action in the windows as well as having the Ecto-1 pulling out of the garage.)  I think it’s just a bit wonky, I don’t know…

Anyway, you can head on over to and vote for your favorite

  • Quiana

    This makes me sad. I’ve been waiting for a release of all the seasons (individually), but I don’t know if I have $130 all at once for an entire set like this. MURRRRRR! That would wipe out my entire entertainment budget or shopping budget for a month.

  • Gilligan

    For $179 there better be something in that box besides DVD’s. Like maybe a $150 rebate. I’m a fan of Ghostbusters (or anything Bill Murray has been in for that matter), but they may be getting a bit carried away at Time-Life. Perhaps they’re under the influence of Zuul.

  • Jay

    I would pay $300 bucks for it! God I love this show. I voted for the first one

  • HooveR

    Can’t believe the lack of love for the Firehouse case. What other toon show was headquartered in a rectangular building coincidentally shaped just like a DVD case?? No one. Any show can get a black background and character shots, but this is like the one show in all of toondom where they can make the box look like the HQ and not have it be a misshapen mess (imagine a DVD box that was the shape of G.I.Joe HQ!!). I just thought it was a way cool coincidence, but I sure won’t be plopping down money for this, so I’m not going to bother to vote….