How the Transformers Saved Christmas, or how I learned to stop fighting Decepticons and love Energon…

By Shawn Robare

Just wanted to drop by from my holiday hiatus and say that I hope everyone has the best holiday season they can (times being how they are and all.)  To brighten up your day I’d like to share this great four page Transformers comic from (of all places) Woman’s Day Magazine 12/26/1985.  This was sent to me a while back by the ever awesome Jerzy Drozd (of the Art & Story Podcast, MLaT Comics, and Sugary Serials.)  So join me in reading just how the Transformers Saved Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all and to all (insert something clever here!)


  • Bubbashelby

    Too cool. Must have been placed there so Mom’s would know what new toy their kids were talking about.

  • Murphy

    That’s an interesting take on it, Bubba. My first thought behind the reasoning for placing this in Women’s Day was that it was an insert that was possibly removable and intended for moms to pull it out and give to their children to keep them occupied. That’s all mindless speculation, though, really. Your idea is as good as mine and it’s not even important. What’s important is that this is pretty cool, and another fine addition to a website that i thoroughly enjoy visiting.

  • Esteban

    wOW! i CANNOT express how wonderful it was to see this. I’m usually rockin it like it’s 1985 but these pages I’d never seen before really took me back. I didn’t want the panels to stop. I read it so slowly. Reading brand new (to me) material from the early days of the comic was an incredible experience. I used to love the book back when the writing focused on the robots being alien creatures unused to the idea of organic life. Bumblebee’s comment on the lights getting “”turned on”” probably made the average Mother’s Day reader blush. One thing I kind of don’t get is if Tracks was supposed to go after the Decepticons as per Bumblebee’s command, how did he arrive with Prowl at the fallen tree site later on? Oh but who cares. Thanks Shawn for a most excellent Christmas present.

  • David Willis

    Holy crap, a Transformers comics story the TF wiki didn’t know existed!

  • MC

    Is it strange that I suddenly want a Hostess Fruit Pie, some Sea Monkey and a pair of X-Ray specs?

  • Murphy

    Ummmmm…should we be worried? 6 weeks since an update! I want more!!!

  • Paul

    I second that. Was a little worried you were hanging it up. …Though, if there’s any place on the web that could actually RUN OUT of nostalgia to cover, it’s this site.

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  • Doggington Von Arf

    I remember my mom pulling this out of her magazine and telling me to make a cover for it as a craft.

    • I wish I would have stumbled on this back in the day…