Halloween 2010 Highlights so far…

By Shawn Robare

Even though I’ve been a little bummed about this year’s crop of Halloween goodies and the lackluster displays at the various stores, there have been a few interesting new (or newish) products on the shelves.  In the same way that I’m happy to see Ghost Dots popping up each season, I’ve also been happy to see Quaker bringing back Cap’n Crunch’s Halloween Crunch each year…

For 2010 the Cap’n has ditched his mummy inspired wrappings of previous years in favor of a new lupine make-over which is heartily welcomed!  I’m hoping this theme continues because I could totally see him with a Frankenstein’s Monster make-over…

In the absence of my yearly Halloween Jones Soda fix, the Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up company has stepped in to save the day with some fun redesigns of their mini-cans…

Though these are a much tamer variation on the cans Jones has been putting out for the last four years, I’m glad to see them pushing their annual Halloween designs forward a bit.  These also have an interesting feature in that portions of the cans change color when chilled.  Basically the characters’ eyes and teeth change, but I’ll warn you that the effect takes forever to happen.  We had the cans chilling in the fridge for 10 hours before we noticed anything (and our fridge tends to freeze liquids.)  Also, don’t get attached to the color change because as long as it takes to happen, it disapears in a matter of seconds once the can is removed from the cold…

Probably my favorite Halloween themed products this year are the most coincidental in nature.   Lego recently introduced a series of blind-pak collectable mini-figs that feature all sorts of cool designs not found in any of their regular series and sets.  Among the crowd of surfer dudes, clowns, Spartan warriors, and disco Stu’s are a handful of neat classic monster designs. Thanks to Justin at Weirdo Toys I’ve managed to find both the Vampire and Witch mini-figs from the second series.  There is also a zombie available in the first series and a rumored mummy in the third.

While looking for the mini-figs I also stumbled upon this Lego constructible game set called Monster 4.  Sort of like Tic-Tac-Toe or Connect Four, the game features monster and Halloween themed pieces including a green monster, a skeleton, a jack-o-lantern, a devil and a werewolf.  These are perfect fodder for creating your own custom monster mini-figs.

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  • Wings

    Cool stuff, want some Halloween Crunch now! Freddy in Space also spotlighted Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts & Candy Corn and Pumpkin Spice Hershey’s Kisses!

  • Brian (Cool and Collected)

    Love that Cap’n Crunch box! I’m with you in not having much luck finding halloween goodness yet, but I did find some pretty cool things at the local dollar stores – check them out, you might be surprised.

  • Christopher Tupa

    Fun stuff! Can’t wait to get that Cap’n Crunch! I hadn’t seen that LEGO game before, would be perfect for custom mini-figs. Great start to the Halloween season!

  • Carsten

    Whoah! I gotta track down some halloween crunch! …oh and gotta get my first bag of candy corn still :D

  • AllHallowSteve

    Nice post! I haven’t found the Halloween cereals yet (General Mills Monsters or the good Cap’n…). Didn’t know about the Lego blind packs! Where did you find ’em? In the Lego section or in the Halloween section of a store? I saw those Lego games, though and think they’re totally neat. Not as games, but as places to steal cool pieces! (You can never have enough jack o’ lantern Legos, in my opinion…) Lastly: Are the Jones Halloween sodas not coming out this year or have they just not made appearances on store shelves yet?

  • Paxton Holley

    So f’n jealous you found the Halloween Crunch. It NEVER hits here in Jax. Or if it does, it’s one or two boxes and I miss them every time. Glad they changed up the mummy Cap’n Crunch for a werewolf Cap’n Crunch. Especially since werewolves are my theme this year. Great post. Pax