459 square inches of Awesome…

By Shawn Robare

I’m a bit late in getting to this before Christmas, but I wanted to take a second and point to one of the coolest things I received during this past holiday season.  I’ve been reading Roger Barr’s I-Mockery site for years, in particular during Halloween because he always has a plethora of hilarious thoughtful and in-depth commentary on the season and its swag.  The site also has a bunch of swell games and articles.

In addition to the fact that I-Mockery is an interesting read, Roger & the resident artist Pox have been putting together some super awesome pixel art posters in the past couple years.  Basically they’re 8-Bit style art jams featuring 6.2 million pop culture, gamer, comics, and cartoon icons culled from the 80s through today, and both of them are a real treat for the eyes.  Honestly, I spent a couple hours pouring over every square inch of these prints picking out characters I knew and trying to figure out the rest…

The best way I can describe these prints is they’re like when you were a kid in the doctor’s office painstakingly looking for all the wrong stuff on the back of an issue of Highlights, except everything on these prints is right!

The prints are very attractively priced as well and the quality is pretty top notch.  The wife and I are getting ours framed for our home office as I type this.

If you dig pop culture as much as I do and have spent any amount of time playing any old school NES games, I suggest heading on over to I-Mockery and taking a gander at these fine pieces of art…

**Update** You can see a pretty cool interview with Roger and a bunch of other artists from the Gallery 88 show that these pieces were created for over at Coin-Op TV!

  • http://meandyouandablognamedboo.blogspot.com/ PhillyRadioGeek

    Hey Shawn, welcome back! In a similar vein, here’s this: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2011/01/25/jim-mahfood-mural-geek-icons/

  • http://www.coin-op.tv/ Rob

    We interviewed Roger about his poster at a recent art show called ‘Multiplayer’ – http://coin-op.tv/?p=3336

  • http://www.coolandcollected.com/ Brian (Cool and Collected)

    These are incredible! Thanks for telling me about another place I can blow 20 bucks!