Wax Paper Pop Art #22, the girly romance edition!

By Shawn Robare

So even though I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s day, it is just around the corner and I thought it would be a great opportunity to share a couple pieces of truly awesome Wax Paper Pop Art that I recently acquired.  They’re pink, girly, and just plain rad.  It doesn’t hurt that I had the biggest crushes on both Helen Slater and Cyndi Lauper growing up.  Between Supergirl, Secret of My Success, and the Legend of Billie Jean, Mrs. Slater just knocked me out, and who doesn’t love Cyndi Lauper?

First up is the wrapper for the 1984 Topps Supergirl sticker card set (which I’ve talked about here.)

Seeing this wrapper, and juxtaposing it against the extremely yellow borders of the sticker cards, it makes me wonder why the designers at Topps didn’t just go with a pink bordered theme…

Our second wrapper comes from the 1985 Topps Cyndi Lauper cards and stickers…

This is actually only one of two designs that were available for this set, but it’s the only one I’ve come across that was included in an affordable lot.  I’ve posted about the sticker portion of this set here

  • oh yeah, the Cyndi Lauper packs. I managed to get a big lot of them (for cheap!) ‘thru eBay from a guy that sold mostly shirts. I completed the puzzle poster and even framed it! but yes, the stickers were somewhat boring, it seemed like there were three or four designs and you were getting them again and again. if you ever need a scan of the other wrapping design, just let me know! :)