Halloween Mask Madness, Day 1: Marvel at those Monster Masks!

By Shawn Robare

Welcome to the first day of Branded in the 80s 2011 Countdown to Halloween!  This year is all about monster masks (with a little bit of Vincent Price to liven things up.)  Check back here ever day through the month of October for some fun vintage monster mask ads and more!

This first advertisement comes from the pages of Marvel comics back in 1977.  I though that this would be a fitting place to start as it’s the year that I was ushered into the world and represents my first Halloween ever.  It’s also the only mask ad of this type that I was able to find in my collection of older superhero comics…

For a measly $3.19 ($3.94 with shipping and handling) you could own one of seven different monster masks, or even a complete Ben Cooper Spiderman or Hulk costume!  For big spenders, there was also a Wolfman mask complete with sewn in hair for a whopping $10.53!  I loved the Ben Cooper costumes growing up, though I didn’t get a chance to wear many of them.  My mom tended to make my costumes, which were always cool, but there was still a tangible allure to those bright and vivid vinyl costumes that was hard to ignore.  Sure, it never made sense why the Hulk costume has a picture of the Hulk on it, but it was still pretty darn cool.

For more creeptacular fun, check out the official Countdown to Halloween page for a list of other site participating in a month-long celebration of all things Halloween!  You’ll be glad you did…

  • I want that Goof mask. Sweet! And only $3.19….cheap!

  • I remember this well, too. Especially the one in the bottom right. For some reason, “Goof” just stuck with me.

  • John – Oh man, dueling themes! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for printable masks. Also, thanks and ditto. Todd – Thanks, and I’m really looking forward to the heats in this year’s Monster Head Races! Michael – I have to believe that the Goof mask was more of a year-round, bug-your-sister-with-a-goof-mask mask. I’m also betting sales were love except for the kids obsessed with Alfred E. Newman rip-offs… ;)

  • Do you know of anyone who ever bought the Goof mask? The others are pretty cool but that one must have gone unsold.

  • This year’s theme is full of promise, and I’m old enough to remember those ads vividly. I’m looking forward to the rest in this series, Shawn. So here we are,our sixth year of doing this. We must be insane. Thanks for all the hard work. It wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

  • This is the year of the masks! Looking forward to all your Halloween goodies!