Cereal Killers sticker cards series 2!

By Shawn Robare

This is a great week for those in the mood to buy some cool stuff! Not only did the second series OMFG! minifigure Kickstarter begin, but on Tuesday Wax Eye officially started selling the second series of their awesome Cereal Killers sticker cards!  I absolutely adore the first series and I was super curious to see what Joe Simko and crew had in store for their second helping of sugary, gory insanity…


These are available in two formats, either in a hobby box of 24 packs (as pictured above), or in the super cool mini cereal box edition (pictured below.)  Either way you’re guaranteed to secure a base set of the sticker cards this time out, though I do have to admit that I had a lot of fun trading my extras last time…


Here are a few examples of what’s in store this time out…

To sweeten the bowl, so to speak, this time Simko is also offering even more special chase cards too!  There are three new blacklight/glow in the dark stickers…


…as well as silver spoon foil cards, sketch cards, and the ones I’m super keen on getting my hands on, Sugar Gitter cards!

7494947684_d8e865808a_oYou can find Wax Eye on Facebook!  Tell ’em Branded in the 80s sent ya!

  • Jamie – Definitely go with the 3-pack cereal box set. $10 cheaper and I think you get more of the premium cards. I just got my order and they’re awesome. Loving the Sugar Glitter cards. Also, there is indeed a complete set this time.

  • I got in on the first series and even got some free packs Wax Eye was giving away on their Facebook. I love everything about these cards. Gonna have to go couch-diving to find some loose change for this set. That Twin Grain card was meant for me.

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