The Strange Kid Comix anthology needs your help!

By Shawn Robare

Hey folks, I just wanted to take a second and announce that the Strange Kids Comix anthology is in the final leg of its Kickstarter campaign and is getting pretty darn close to getting funded!  I have an article all about 80s era R-Rated flicks getting the cartoon treatment (Robocop, Rambo, and The Toxic Avenger), and I can’t wait to get this issue in hand to flip through…

This morning Rondal shared a glimpse of the artwork that will accompany my article, and boy, is it ever a dozy!  James Callahan really knocked it out of the park!

If you dig comics, especially the indie and alternative stuff, than you’ll love the Strange Kids Comix anthology and there’s a lot of great talent in this issue.  Please take a second to check out the Kickstarter page and help make this issue a reality by backing or sharing the project on Twitter and Facebook.  There are plenty of cool reward tier exclusives left, including some authentic Real Ghostbusters Animation cels cherry-picked from my personal collection that would look mighty fine framed on your wall.  Thanks in advance for looking and thanks to everyone whose spread the word and backed the project so far!

  • Shezcrafti – Oops, that’s my D’oh! I thought issue one was included in the higher tier. Guess I need to read slower… ;)

  • D’oh! Totally missed that. I basically saw that the $8 special was sold out and clicked the next tier down, which was the $15. FWIW, the $25 tier looks like it only includes printed copies of issues #2 & 3. Could just be me being thick, but I didn’t see a tier that offered all three or else I might up my pledge. I can live with ePubs, though. :)

  • Shezcrafti – Cool! I believe you get free PDF/Ebook copies of issues 1 & 2 at the $15 tier (available here: If you want print copies, it’s under the $25 dollar tier (for all three in print form.) I have the first two which are great (especially issue 2 since it’s all Halloween-y themed…)

  • I’m in for $15! ( I’ve seen you guys discussing it here and there around The League and have been meaning to pitch in. Is there a way to purchase issues #1 and 2?