The All New Branded Podcast – Passing down the Matrix of Nostalgia

By Shawn Robare

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The second season of the All New Branded in the 80s podcast continues with episode 10 where I talk a bit about passing the torch of nostalgia to the next generation.  Having had the opportunity to babysit my nephew, a 10 year-old Transformers superfan, I got a chance to see how he reacted to the original generation of toys and cartoons.  We played the XBox game Transformers: War for Cybertron and I screened the 1986 Transformers the movie.  Does the old stuff still hold up for this new generation?  And how weird is it that Transformers is now a generational fandom?

What are some experiences you’ve had sharing your fandom with your children, nieces and nephews?  Are the kids open to our nostalgia, or did they just think our cartoons, movies and toys sucked?  Share your experiences in the comments below.

For this episode’s shout out I take a moment to point to the fine folks behind The Future Cyborg.  Part comedy show, part retro toy review show, and an all around good experience.  You can watch season 1 a their youtube page, or check them out on social media on Twitter or Instagram.


  • Great episode, one that I can really relate to on a personal level. I am going through something similar with my son who has taken a keen interest in all of my old junk from the 80s and 90s. While too young for the Transformers movie (the death scene would destroy his 4 year old life) he loves the original cartoon and toys and comes fully loaded with questions, same with the Ninja Turtles. This sort of passing of the torch has been so fun and really has made keeping a lot of the stuff I have held onto for decades actually worth it. Glad you got to experience something similar with your nephew.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I’ve struggled with this concept a lot because of how I was raised and without getting to deep into it, my dad had zero interest in my hobbies and spent countless hours trying to get me to play sports or camp (when I just wanted to watch cartoons, draw and create stories.) I always worried that I’d end up smothering my children with my interests and being tone deaf to theirs. Glad I got to have a trial run with my nephew, and I have a new niece that just came into the world that will probably watch Monster Squad way earlier than she should.