I collect spores, molds, fungus, and glow in the dark vinyl…

By Shawn Robare

About a month ago my good friend Tim over at Flashlights Are Something to Eat and the Neighborhood Archive tipped me off to the special Record Store Day vinyl re-release of Ray Parker Jr.’s titular hit from the 1984 Ghostbusters soundtrack.  Not only is it special in that it’s part of the 30th anniversary celebration this year, but the 10″ single would also be issued in a “slimed” edition (aka glow in the dark vinyl.)  I’m typically not an avid collector of albums on vinyl since I don’t own a turntable and have pretty much all my favorite music at my fingertips digitally, but the allure of a glow in the dark Ghostbusters album that would look pretty darn rad up on the wall of Branded HQ was a bit too much for me to pass up!


Though I was vaguely aware of the annual Record Store Day events, I’ve never turned out for one and as the weekend of the release approached I was getting a little apprehensive.  I’d started hearing horror stories about folks waiting in lines and in some places even camping out over night.  “Seriously?!?” I wondered aloud to my empty office last night at work while looking up my local participating stores.  I mean it seems like vinyl enthusiasts are a niche group as it is, and I just can’t imagine that there are enough (in the per-store ratio sense) to necessitate forgoing showers and the comfort of sleeping in on a Saturday just to snag some limited edition records.  I thought it was weird enough when people were lining up for Episode I all those years ago, let alone copies of the Pink Panther soundtrack on pink vinyl or the Nirvana singles collection.  I started wondering if it was even worth trying as the forecast Saturday was calling for rain and temperatures in the 40s.  So I called ahead and made sure there was a store near me that actually had this Ghostbusters release in stock, and luckily there was.  Except they only had two copies.  In fact, I was hearing that the entire release was limited to 1000 copies nationwide.  Now my head was filling with images of having to stand out in the cold rain in a tug of war battle with a couple other aging nostalgia nuts fighting over who got to take one of these home.


When I arrived at the store (the CD Warehouse in Duluth, GA) 30 minutes before opening there was a small line of record lovers waiting patiently for the place to open.  I didn’t see anyone decked out in full Ghostbusters overalls with proton packs, so I started to feel my chances were pretty decent.  All my worries dissipated when one of the employees came out and made a list of everyone’s name and one record that they wanted to call dibs on.  I was the only one with a wide smile, proudly stating “Put me down for one Ray Parker Jr. please!”


Three minutes later (and $17 poorer) I had my hands on this beautiful new piece for my Ghostbusters collection.  I didn’t have to elbow anyone in the face or threaten to shut down a containment unit either.  When I got home, being the nerd I am, I immediately help the record up to my overhead kitchen light and charged the vinyl so that I could see it glow in all its spooktacular glory…


I can’t quite put my finger on why, but there’s something I find amazingly alluring about that pale minty green color of glow in the dark products.  I think it might even be giving hot pink a run for its money as my favorite color…


Though billed as a 10″ single, this album actually features four tracks.  Side A has the original hit by Parker Jr. as well as an instrumental version, while side B features a DJ remix of Ghostbusters and an extended 6-minute version as well.  So it’s almost like an EP I guess.  I actually stumbled upon one of this compilation’s producers, Michael Duquette, on instagram yesterday when I posted a picture of the record while announcing my intention to hunt one of them down.  I just want to say that he and Jeff James (the other listed producer) did an amazing job on this record.  I love the design, especially how the GB logo backing shows through the translucent vinyl, and the simple clean logo center sticker on the album.  There’s also a nice version of the original trio from the movie poster on the back of the insert…


Checking online as I left the store I started feeling pretty lucky that I managed to snag a copy of this album.  Seems like a lot of folks who were hunting for a copy were leaving stores empty-handed.  Again, a lot of the news articles online pegged the pressing at 1k copies, as did Duquette when I asked.  The Record Store Day website lists the album as a “RSD First Release” though, which seems to point to the fact that it will possibly be released more widely down the road a bit.  My copy was also numbered 5103, while a friend in another state had one stamped 2340, so I’m not sure how accurate the 1000 pressings figure is.  Maybe there are only 1000 in glow in the dark vinyl?  Either way, I hear they’re going for stupidly high amounts on ebay (man I hate scalpers), so if you’re looking to pick one of these up I’d suggest waiting a bit for a wider release.

So, there were also some other pretty neat albums re-released in limited runs today including the original Muppet Movie soundtrack.  Anyone out there brave the crowds and score some fun vinyl?

  • heima27

    That’s a fantastic looking record, and I love the packaging. It’s worth the $17.

    • Totally. Now if only I can figure out how to get enough glow int eh dark records to cover a wall in my place so that I have glowy mood lighting all the time…

  • TheNavigator

    I need that its amazing! I remember around the time of the second movie a fast food place in the UK called Wimpys gave away these cans that when you opened them up they let out a glow in the dark gas, Probably dangerous but cool nevertheless:). We have those record days in the UK too but im never interested in them as they are usually for pretentious Indie/Dance records. And seeing as I only collect 80s Rock vinyl the chances of a Motley Crue or Poison record there are limited to none

  • I felt extremely lucky to snag one myself. Store only had two (I asked the day before) and I was the 11 person in line. My store didn’t ask for dibs so it was a free-for-all inside. Luckily they had it under the glass counter and I made a beeline. I was two people deep and one had already been taken. I was sweating bullets but I managed to walk away with the last. Mine is #5582

    • Cool, glad to hear you got one Jason! Still curious about the numbering. Are their 6000 or is the numbering not consecutive, like maybe it’s a flat RSD numbering for all releases by Sony?

      • The ones I’ve seen on eBay are in the same ranges. I’m thinking along the lines of 2000 total on this initial batch.

        • How much was yours if you don’t mind me asking? I’m also curious what some of the stores were asking. I paid $17, but I saw some stores were asking upwards of $30…

          • Mine was $20. Searched the completed auctions on eBay and they were going for like $50

          • Cool, yeah, I had some friends resort to ebay and I’m hoping they didn’t spend an arm and a leg. Really curious to see if this gets a wider release in a couple months, and if it’ll still be glow in the dark. I could totally see an all white pressing, the Stay Puft edition…

  • Pretty soon you’ll have a turntable that’s older than the Ghostbusters to play that record on. ;-) It doesn’t glow in the dark though…

    • That’s what the record if for, glowing (aka mood lighting). Can’t wait to take that unit for a spin…

  • Very awesome (and lucky) that you got one Shawn. My journey to get one was a crazy one. I got in line at 8PM (yep, I was one of those) and was about ninth from the door. When my girlfriend and buddy showed up about 5AM to bring coffee everyone around us started to freak out. One guy even rushed my friend, got into his face, and accused him of “cutting”. What are we? Third graders? Yeah they showed up late but I was there the entire time, long before these creeps started queuing. Long story short (too late) my girlfriend stormed off and I let my friend take my place because I was so disgusted. As I left the chief antagonizer said “Sorry man, it’s record store day.” These limited editions, which I love, turn people into animals and a**holes…

    …but I still got my Ghostbusters. Suck it nerds (who were rude but I’m sure nice people in real life).

    • Yikes! Yeah sometimes things like this brings out the worst in people. I guess at least that one person almost apologized. Glad you scored a copy, you gonna write about it for the anniversary festivities? Also, score any other cool vinyl?

      • I am planning to cover it for the anniversary. The other vinyl I was able to get a hold of was two Zombies albums, the 24hr Flaming Lips record, a Flaming Lips/DEVO single, and the Last House on the Left picture disc. What I wanted was the GITD ParaNorman and the Power Glove BloodDragon soundtrack (both were so rare that they had about two each). Overall, despite the trouble, it was a pretty good RSD.

        • Oh cool, how is the Flaming Lips/Devo single? I didn’t see that until days after (need to do more research next year…)

          • Really amazing. It’s part of a RSD series called “Side by Side” which features a band’s single on one side and a cover by another artist on the reverse. Last year it was The Misfits/Lemonheads ‘Skulls’ and a few years ago it was Flaming Lips/Mastodon with ‘A Spoonful Weighs a Ton’. This was a live version of DEVO’s ‘Gates of Steel’ and the cover version the Flaming Lips have been touring with on the other side. They also had a Cure/Dinosaur Jr single for ‘Just Like Heaven’. .

          • Oh cool. Man, that Mastodon/Flaming Lips combo must be pretty rad!

  • It’s a work of art. You seriously lucked out in snagging this one. That being said, if you of all people weren’t able to acquire this one, I may have lost faith in the fairness of the universe. It’s the kind of item that seems like it was made specifically to be on display at Branded HQ.

    I’ve managed snag one after, post RSD, trading design services for a copy with a record label I work with. Coincidentally that label had a RSD offering out that I did the design work for, a blue vinyl rerelease of Fishbone’s debut album. Somehow, though my trade feels wrong in that I didn’t put in the work. That doesn’t mean it won’t look great displayed near my E.T. picture disk and glow-in-the-dark Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead single. This resurgence in the popularity of vinyl truly speaks to the power of nostalgia. A similar resurgence is happening in VHS. Long live dead formats!

    • Yeah, there are a handful of releases I’m hoping to add to the vinyl collection soon. There are some soundtracks that I love that digital just won’t do justice. I’ve love a copy of the original Transformers The Movie soundtrack on vinyl for instance. Something about the thought of putting it on the turntable (when I finally have access to one) and queuing up the first track with that bit of silence and static at the beginning really feels right.

      I’m glad I found a copy for sure, but it has opened a door to the holiday. I heard there was a 2-disc Poltergeist soundtrack last year that sounds really awesome. Don’t even get me started on picture discs! Finding out that there were shaped picture discs for TMNT and Robocop 2 in the above comments has got me on the hunt…


    Picture Discs are Old skool, we had a bunch of them in the mid 80s including the E.T. record. The Real Ghostbusters bed sheets I made 2 dress shirts out of, one of which you scored came with 2 Glow in the dark pillow cases. One of which I made in to a cushion.

    • Yeah, I feel like we missed out on a bunch of these picture discs in the US. I need to track some of those down. Also, wow! Portions of those RGB sheet sets were glow in the dark? Neat!


        The Ghostbusters Logo on the pillow cases Glow in the Dark, when I got the shirts made I showed the Tailor that the Pillow cases glowed and one of them mysteriously went missing when I picked up the left over material so I only have 1 which I made in to a cushion.

        • Yikes, that sucks. Just like in Silence of the Lambs, we covet what we see every day, in particular awesome glow int he dark pillowcases ;)

  • So glad you were able to get one of these! I’ve found some of the numbered RSD “limited” releases to be a little questionable over the years as well. Limited to 500 with a number of 1200 on it, etc. For those looking for something and unfamiliar with RSD, don’t be discouraged by current eBay prices. The scalpers will usually fade and prices will become a little more reasonable over time.

    As for me, this is the first year in a long time I haven’t hit my local store. Seems like it becomes more of a circus every year. This year, there wasn’t anything released that I couldn’t get from the comfort of my own office chair (Todd Snider & Turbo Fruits 10″ vinyl covering “Why Can’t We Be Friends”).

    • Thanks again for pointing to it, and yeah, there was more stuff that was neat but not stuff I had to own. Like the Pink Panther or Muppet Movie soundtracks. I am coveting that double disc glow in the dark Poltergeist soundtrack from last year though. If nothing else, I’ll be keeping an eye on future releases.