I think I have a crush on Lynne Stone…

By Shawn Robare

Even though I’ve seen a metric ton of flicks from the 80s, there are a lot that I’ve never seen.  One of the cool aspects of catching up with these movies is getting to see some established actors before they were huge, and in some cases seeing them in roles that give me a whole new appreciation for them.  A couple years ago I did just that when I saw Laura Dern as a young post-punk rock star in Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains.  It totally changed my outlook on Mrs. Dern and it’s sort of given me a taste for redefining my outlook on some stars that maybe I don’t give enough credit.  Well this past weekend I curled up next to my girlfriend Jaime while she introduced me to the campy 80s dance flick Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and at about four minutes in I found an entirely new appreciation for one Mrs. Helen Hunt!


Literally, Jaime and I were about five minutes into the flick when I did a spit take (well, would have had I been drinking anything at the time) and freaked out after noticing Hunt wearing a very awesome piece of jewelery that I myself sported back in the 80s.  Her character, Lynne Stone, is sort of a Cyndi Lauper lite, free spirited, takes crap from no one, and has a wickedly fun fashion sense.  Though the film focuses mainly on Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Janey, I kind of immediately fell in love with Lynne and I’m basically already writing the fan-fiction sequel flick in tandem with this article.  Also, since I’ve sort of been locked in a mode of finding all sorts of fun junk in the background of movies I thought it would be fun to point out the six aspects that make Hunt’s Lynne Stone such a rad character…

#6: Her Crush on C. Thomas Howell


But then again, didn’t we all have a crush on C. Thomas Howell?

#5: Her Transforming Catholic School Uniform


The scene where Lynne rips off her school outfit and flips it to form an entirely new outfit is pretty cool, as is her line: “Velcro.  Next to the Walkman and Tab it’s the coolest invention of the 20th century!”

#4: Her Awesome Headgear


Giant grasshoppers, 50’s coonskin caps, and Dinosaur barrettes are just a smattering of the awesome things you’ll see on Lynne’s head throughout the flick.

#3: Her Babysitting Technique


Get to job, put on Dance TV, place baby in pizza box, take absolutely no messages for her employer.  That’s the way to do it.

#2: Her Taste in Lunchboxes


I have to say that the 8 year-old me who was carrying a Masters of the Universe lunchbox to school, if he’d crossed paths with a teenaged Helen Hunt with the same lunchbox, well, he (I) would have fallen in love and then fainted.  Seriously, I love that she’s carrying that lunchbox!


#1: Her Amazing Taste in Kronoform Watches!


Not only did I have the same lunchbox as Lynne, I also had that same knockoff red Kronoform transforming robot watch!!!  (Also, note the rad dinosaur headgear…)


Seriously, I might have to consider knocking one of my 80s crushes off my list because I think Lynne Stone/Helen Hunt deserves to be on it…


  • Whatever. It’s cool, you can leave me for teenage Helen Hunt–I’m in love with teenage Lee Montgomery anyway.

    • Let’s just agree that when we build a time machine we’ll go back to the set of Girls Just Want to Have Fun and see where it takes us, even if that means having to choreograph a dance number…

  • I have to admit after recently seeing this movie there was certainly something special about Lynne. Maybe it was just the nerdy outlandishness of her character that had so much appeal. Oh and He-Man lunchbox.

    • Yeah, I think a bit of both, and her willingness to sit through a Nun’s routine on a pummel horse just so her friend could flirt with a dude. That’s just dedication…

  • Well… I now have a movie to watch this weekend. Any chance this will make it onto CFC?

    • Hmmm, not sure. If it did, it would have to win in a dance-off against Breakin’… ;)

  • Josie Height

    A young Helen Hunt was my kryptonite.

    • Yeah, I loved her in Project X and Next of Kin. Kind of sorry it took me this many years to catchup with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… :p

  • Criminal Minds totally ruined C. Thomas Howell for me:( But based on our similar babysitting techniques and taste in timepieces, I might end up with a crush on Lynne Stone!

    • That bad huh (C. Thomas on Criminal Minds?) I started watching that series but didn’t get far and don’t remember seeing him. I think Quentin Tarantino needs to make a flick with the og brat pack (like Ally Sheedy, Anthoby McCarthy, C. Thomas, Molly Ringwald, etc.) and revive their careers… :p

  • My sister used to watch this on a loop, and being the 80’s (only one good tv in the house with a VCR) me and my bro were forced to watch it as well. In truth I actually liked it a lot. I’m pretty sure Helen Hunts character helped shape my ‘choice’ in girlfriends. Well, at least in what I was attracted too. I never had a ‘choice’ in girlfriends. (I was basically Duckie in high school.)

    • Amen to being Duckie, though I never tried to dance-seduce any girls!

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