6+6+6= Day 18 of the GPK Halloween Countdown!

By Shawn Robare

We’re up to day 18, the second to last Friday in the countdown.  You know what you get when you add 6+6+6?  Day 18, and the Devil!  Er, or these series 2 Garbage Pail Kids stickers, 64a&b, Hot Scott and Luke Warm…

18 - Hot Scott

There’s something supremely creepy about a baby devil.  Whether it’s the little bit of hair creeping up his little baby belly, or the pencil thin mustache.  Shudder.  I’m glad the name plate and logo were red, only enhancing John Pound’s gorgeous artwork in this painting.  Oh, and speaking of baby devils being creepy (and other creepy evil babies), here’s some more proof.  I made this baby devil, baby Pinhead, and Baby Leatherface for my sister years ago for Christmas (she dug weird things like I do.)




Once again, I’m also helping to organize the annual Countdown to Halloween alongside the tireless and super cool monster kid John Rozum. So if you like what I’m doing over here, you might want to head on over to the Countdown site and check out the huge list of other sites participating in this year’s spooky festivities. There’s also a like-minded sister collective called Blog-O-Ween being put together by my pal Cody, the Crooked Ninja Turtle Sensi. Be sure to check them out as well.

2013 Yummy Mummy 200

  • Wow – that is a freaking dark post! Devil babies are innately creepy!

  • Devil Daycare

    When the Devil went to preschool,

    He seemed to fit right in;

    Despite the horns atop his head,

    And reddish tinted skin.

    He thought he’d traumatize those tots,

    Until they cringed and cried.

    But they all seemed desensitized,

    No matter what he tried.

    They snickered at the Lord of Lies,

    They poked and laughed and sneered.

    They pulled away his pitchfork,

    And then poked him in the rear.

    They made fun of his cloven hooves,

    And yanked his pointy tail,

    They teased that demon terribly,

    ‘Til he began to wail.

    The Prince of Darkness threatened

    He would summon up a horde!!!

    The teacher simply scowled,

    And wrote his name upon the board.

    By nap-time Satan started

    To rethink this foul decision.

    Another day in preschool . . .

    And he might just find religion.

  • I bet you could sell those baby dolls. They look badass!

    • Yeah, no where near as detailed as the Living Dead Dolls, but I had a lot of fun making them…


    Awesome creations man, I could see something like this at an Art gallery. They are Creepy cool looking baby dolls. I like the pinhead one from Hellraiser, I saw that movie when I was around 14yrs old and it freaked me out.

    • I’d like to take another shot at it, though I haven’t practiced much in the last decade, I have gotten better with my art, so I have to assume my toy customizing skills would be better. Yeah, I love the first and second Hellraiser films for exactly that reason, they totally freaked me out when I was 11-12…