With a handle like Smurfwreck you’d think blue would be my favorite color…

By Shawn Robare

…but it’s not, it’s hot pink.  Now that, that random bit of trivia is out of the way, I wanted to take a second and tackle this week’s League assignment where we’re charged with taking photos highlighting the color blue.  Last time we had an assignment like this (with Red), I totally didn’t notice the photo assignment and wrote and essay about blood and how it worked into my first and only fight as a kid.  This time I paid better attention and collected some of my favorite blue stuff from around Branded HQ.

First up, one of my two favorite blue t-shirts, and the classiest one I own for sure…

Top Hat Sas

Next up, some chilly and wet stickers from my favorite vintage collection, Garbage Pail Kids…

GPK Blue

I was surprised at how many blue robots I had within reaching distance…

blue robots

Posing my Soundwave statue it occurred to me that there were a hell of a lot of blue villains in the 80s cartoons and toy lines I loved.  Like Fakor, Skeletor and Trap Jaw!

blue fakor

Not to mention the supreme blue badass that is Mumm-Ra!

blue mummy

And who can forget the rad blue fashion sense of Cobra!

blue terrorist fashion

But by far, my favorite blue thing is the totally amazing birthday gift I received this year, my very own furry blue My Pet Monster!

mpm 1 mpm2

Oh, and there’s my other favorite blue t-shirt, DeLorean represent.

If you like all the blue-i-ness you see here, why not check out some of the other League members to see what blue caught their camera eye…

Jaime, Shezcrafti, shares 21 (not) boring blue things about her

Dex, AEIOU and Sometimes Why, opens a vintage pack of Blue Star Wars Topps trading cards

Miss M, Diary of a Dorkette, gets blue with her Dorky Snaps

Derek, Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks, shows off his very impressive blue toy collection

Laura, Boo Bobby, shows off her Boglins, Gonzos, Rad T-shirts, and Turtles, oh my

Todd, Neato Coolvile, has quite an impressive collection of vintage blue wonderful

Tommy, Top Hat Sasquatch, is feeling blue, so Batman made cookies!

Chris, Garage Sale of Awesome, shares their super rad blue M.A.S.K. bedsheets!

  • You need to keep the cuffs on that Monster! You’re no good to me strangled to death.

    • Noted! I really do have to keep him at bay, though he gets an enormous amount of hugs to keep him appeased too… ;)

  • Hot pink is my favorite color too. I could look at it all day. There really were a lot of blue villains back in the 80s! I love that you have a Pet Monster now too! I was always so scared of that thing as a kid.

    • That’s why I have a hot pink watch so I can see it constantly. Yeah, I’m expecting MPM and my Wicket plush to get in fight any day now…

      • Now that sounds like a fight for the ages!

        • I’ll make sure to video tape it if I’m there for the rumble… ;)

  • Spotted Feather

    Huh. I, along with everyone I know, has always thought Skeletor was purple. I’ve never seen him in anything blue. Maybe it’s the camera you used, but in the picture you posted, his arms and legs are purple, not blue. And no, I’m not colour blind.

    • He wears purple armor, but his skin is baby blue, like his heart! ;)

      • Spotted Feather

        I’ll trust you on that. It’s just that in the picture you put in the article, he looks purple….just like he’s always looked to me in the show.

        • Yeah, the blue would be more apparent if I took him out of the package, but then he wouldn’t look as rad on my wall… ;)

          • It becomes even more apparent if you have the basic figure (vs. the battle-damage version Shawn displays here) and you lose his chest plate and his giant moobs are glistening at you in pale hauntingly erotic blue plastic.

          • Right?!? I have a headless one with no armor around here somewhere (don’t ask…) ;)

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  • I wish I had been more into GI Joe as a kid, but my parents were cheap and bought me C.O.R.P.S. figures instead. I guess I don’t blame them, you could get like 10 guys and a Jeep for the price of a couple Joes.

    • I actually feel like I missed out on the CORPS figures. There were some pretty neat ones if I recall. But yeah, especially with the price of figures these days, I know my kid would be getting CORPS!

      • Hah yeah! I remember going to Sam’s Club as a kid (like a COSTCO if you don’t have them) and getting this huge long box full of CORPS figures, a few motorcycles, and a Humvee, for something like $20.

  • Those Cobra figures look pretty rad, however I’m glad you have them instead of me. I would rip those packages open and my son and I would “play the crap” out of them.

    [thanks for the shout out!]

    • No problem! Yeah, I usually have a “Open your toys” rule, but I made an excpetion for these 25th anniversary Joes (and the Commemorative MOTU & vintage package Star Wars figures) so they could make a rad Nostalgia wall here at Branded HQ… ;)

  • The DeLorean shirt and My Pet Monster are pretty awesome!

    • My Pet Monster keeps stealing the shirt and wearing it!

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  • Excellent showing! I needs to get me one of those Tophat Sasquatch shirts! They’re pretty popular this week…

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