Shaking the Pillars of Heaven…

By Shawn Robare

So, the start of a new week, and it’s already been a rather crazy roller coaster of ups and downs here at Branded HQ.  Live in or around Jacksonville, FL area?  Did you feel the ground quake around noon on Saturday?  Did it rain frogs for a bit and mess up your outdoor lunch festivities?  Did your rose bushes suddenly burst into very fragrant flames?  Well that was probably partly my fault as I made a day trip down to the area to meet some folks in person that I’ve been talking with online for years.  That’s right, I finally got a chance to meet Paxton Holley of the amazing Cavalcade of Awesome, and in the process uniting 2/3rds of the Cult Film Club in person for the first time (no worries, I brought Jaime along in spirit, or rather with a bit of her soul that was captured on film and then printed out at Kinko’s.)  I’m pretty sure there’s some old testament prophecy about some pretty crazy stuff happening if all three of us were to gather in person in the same location at the same time…

Cult Film Club Polaroid small

So what was I doing in that neck of the woods?  Well, when not talking about rad cult films, Pax’s main podcasting gig is as a co-host of the Nerd Lunch show (which I’ve been on a time or two, or ten actually), and they’ve been planning an IRL meet-up for awhile.  Carlin, Paxton, Robert (from the cool To the Escape Hatch site) and myself all converged on Jacksonville for some great food (at 4 Rivers Smokehouse), some great conversation (there should be a podcast released soon), and just some good times in general.

Nerd Lunch Live small

In addition to the above conversation and merriment I was also introduced to the concept of a Doritos encrusted Mountain Dew flavored cupcake.  Yeah, read that last bit slowly and mull on that idea as you take a look at this monstrosity…

Mtn Dew Cupcake

It was pretty insane.  Not as Dew-y as I’d hoped, but still pretty darn tasty and crazy.

In other news, my beloved DVD player of the last 10 years has passed on to that electronic junk pile in the sky (which I imagine is actually the planet Junkion from Transformers the Movie.)  I’ve watched a metric ton of films and TV on that player and was pretty sad to see it go.  I mean, I wore thumb and finger grooves in the remote.  Sigh.  Well, the last movie to play on it was an 80s flick I’d neglected to watch until last night, the John Hughes written/produced romantic comedy Some Kind of Wonderful.  So if it was going to die, at least it, A, let me watch this flick, and B, picked a pretty rad movie to spin as it’s last screening. I’m glad it didn’t sputter out any sooner as I was able to see a very young and super precocious Candace Cameron playing with her collection of Garbage Pail Kids!  Harkening back to The Monster Squad post, it looks like Eugene wasn’t the only collector on the silver screen…

SKoW 2 small

SKoW 4 small

SKoW 1 small

In a move that was almost too cute to bear, Hughes, director Howard Deutch, or maybe even Cameron herself decided to have the GPKs fighting against each other.  My head almost exploded by the sheer amount of adorable nostalgia on the screen.

SKoW 3 small

I also love that she had both a collection on the backing in a cigar box as well as a bunch of stickers that were applied in a photo album.  Too cool.  I don’t remember ever seeing sticker collection in a flick like this before (though I’m sure I’m forgetting a movie or two…)

So, now I have to decide.  Do I finally get a Blu-Ray player and an HD TV?


  • Yes, because it’s 2013 fer chrissakes. Also because when I inevitably come down to visit you, I will demand no less than 1080p when we watch cult films together.

    • I can only imagine the wonder of watching Teen Witch in high def, I don’t think I’ll be able to… Say It!

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  • Very cool that you were able to get together in person with Pax!
    That doritos/mtn dew cupcake sounds surprisingly awesome.
    And, yes, get the Blu Ray and definitely the HD TV. You can still play your regular DVDs on the Blu Ray and slowly upgrade if you want. High definition TV really makes a difference.

    • Yeah, besides, I’m getting sick of lugging around my 6 million pound CRT TV. Also, I kind of NEED to watch Monster Squad on Blu-Ray…

  • Paxton Holley

    As a representative of Cult Film Club…YES, you need HD. Shogun Assassin upscaled to 1080i and shown on a 50″ screen will undoubtedly melt your eyeballs into their sockets. Then try watching movies with melted eyeball sockets.

    • I need to do this, I’m such a lagster at technology upgrades (he said pounding out this response on a typewriter that was then sent in by mail to a Western Union telegram office that then sent the message over the wire to a dude on a Commodore 64, who laughed, and then logged into the internet on his other PC, a Tandy, via AOL, to transcribe this response…

  • Paxton Holley

    Oh yeah, I feel I should comment on the meeting.

    It was excellent to finally meet you Shawn as I’ve used you as a blogging measuring stick since I started the Cavalcade of Awesome in 2006. Branded was what finally told me that those orange covered monster books from my elementary school library I was so fond of were called Crestwood House Monsters books. For that, I will forever be grateful.

    And you are just as awesome in person. I look forward to future meetings, and also including our third; Jaime.


    • We’re full circle then ’cause I use the Cavalcade as the same kind of measuring stick. Yeah, the CFC will meet IRL for a podcast at somepoint, right before said meeting cracks the Earth in half… :)

  • I enjoy that you printed out a picture of Jaime to take along! Also that cupcake… I don’t know what to think, but I know I need to have one.

    • It was imperative that I get a picture of the three of us together! As for the cupcake, it was an experience to say the least. They also had a grape Nehi cupcake and a Coke and Potato chip one…

  • Oh! Some kind of wonderful!!! That flick is some kind of… I wish I could come up with a word to describe how full of wonder I was when I first watched it… but words fail. I LOVE seeing any kind of pop-culture references to Garbage Pail Kids and I will mainly be adding films to my collection from this point forward based on your efforts to track these films down. So… get on that, sir.

    • It’s surprising that films like this make more reference to GPK collecting than the actual GPK film did!