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Who’s the baddest Mofo Low Down in this Town?

I recently sat down with my Cult Film Club co-hosts and recorded a new 80s-centric episode of the podcast all about the amazing martial arts musical Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon!


We all collectively kneel down and kiss some Converse as we discuss our favorite scenes, the amazing Motown soundtrack, and the outrageous soul glow in the film.  Whether it’s break-dancing out of bondage or kicking an albino Mr. T’s ass, this film has everything that fans of 80s cult flicks love.  So put on your venetian blind sunglasses, zip up your banana yellow Game of Death tracksuit and get ready to catch some bullets with your teeth!  You can find the episode at the Cult Film Club, or you can simply right click and save it here.

During the conversation we bring up the pint-sized kung fu master Ernie Reyes Jr. which of course led me to reminisce on some Kickin’ Jeans/Action Pants ads that he featured in.

Ernie Reyes Jr Kickin Jeans 2

I’m pretty sure of the Reyes Jr.  from 1981 in the ad above time traveled to today he could still totally kick my butt (and not rip his jeans in the process, classy.)

So, anyone have any favorite songs from the soundtrack?  Favorite scenes?  Favorite quotes?  For my money I could listen to Faith Prince singing Dirty Books while Sho’Nuff’s lady gang tries to peel Bruce Leeroy like a banana!


See how they GLOW!

Even though I usually take a winter hiatus from Branded, I’m far from inactive this season.  This year I’m using the time to focus on the newly launched Cult Film Club podcast (as you can see below), and I’ve also been posting some stuff that’ll be exclusive to the CFC site.  It won’t all be of interest to readers of Branded I’m sure, but we will be hitting on a decent amount of 80s stuff.  Last night I posted a list of my personal top five favorite 80s flicks featuring glowing characters.  Yup, you read that right, characters that GLOW!

If you want to see what made my list, head on over to the Cult Film Club and check it out.  Also, what would make your list of flicks featuring glowing characters?