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Post Card Project Mail-Out Wave 3, Oh the Horror! -UPDATED-

Alright, it’s about time for another Mail-Out session of the Branded in the 80s Post Card Project!  This time around I have a special treat just in time for the Halloween season as I’ve scored a copy of the 1985 Fangoria Magazine postcard issue!

It took me awhile to find an affordable copy of this beauty (when I was scoping it out copies were selling for upwards of $50 each, though now it seems they’re popping up at more reasonable prices.)  Anyway, I was really excited to get my grubby little hands on these vintage postcards, though to be 100% honest, I was a little confused by what I found between the covers.  This issue boasts at offering “24 Incredibly Gross Full Color Postcards!”  I can vouch for their full color-ness, but the gross to not-so-much-so ratio is a bit off.  Anyway, that isn’t to say that these aren’t a batch of fun cards, because they are in fact really fun.

I have decided in the interest of those with weak constitutions and those with inflated expectations of gore, that I should temper this mail-out with some catagories to pick from.  Basically I’ve deemed that there are 13 fun horror themed cards, 7 truly gory cards, and 4 cards that are barely scraping by to be considered horror or Halloween-y related at all (these four were filed under the Scream Queen category in the magazine, but even so the picture choices were very weird.)  So, on a fist come, first serve basis I’ll be sending these out, but it’s important that when requesting a postcard you state whether you want a regular one, a gory one, or one of the not-so-horror scream queen cards.  I’ll keep this post updated with what’s available below…

So if you’d like to received a bona fide 26 year-old vintage horror postcard in the mail directly from Branded in the 80s, send me an email with “Fangoria Postcards” in the subject line.  Be sure to include your name and snail mail address, as well as which type of postcard you’d like to receive.  As with the first and second wave’s participants, if you’d like to take some photos with the postcard, you can send ’em in and I’ll post them here and on the Branded Facebook page with a shout out to your blog or website.

Normal Horror = 3

Really Gory = All Gone

Scream Queens = All Gone

Oh, and in case you were wondering why Fangoria decided to release a postcard issue, the explanation is below in the magazine introduction.  Apparently it had something to do with the convergence of 80s rock, the WWF, horror movies, and aliens?!?  At least they gave us a flow chart to try and understand the reasoning…


Cereal Killers Trading Cards and a Contest!

**Update** Alright, I picked three names at random from a hat (well, empty coffee mug) and the lucky winners are: Laura I., Jeremy T H., Khris L.  Congrats guys and gals (I’ve notified you through the FB messaging system for your snail mail address) and thanks to everyone else for entering!

So I came home yesterday and found a package waiting for me at the door, and upon cracking it open I was excited to see this…

These came courtesy of a contest in the premiere issue of the Strange Kids Club Comix Anthology, and I couldn’t wait to dig into the individual boxes to get a glimpse at the loot.  These Cereal Killer trading cards are pretty darn cool and they follow in the tradition of Topps Wacky Packs and Garbage Pail Kids.  The brainchild of artist Joe Simko, this set of spoofs perfectly blends a childhood love of sugary cereal with a score of monsters and horror movie icons.  These sets come with three mini cereal boxes, each containing 20 cards, a special prize and a gross piece of eyeball gum.  As for the special prizes you can expect to find black-light stickers, magnets, gold foil cards, and if you’re lucky an original sketch card from Joe himself.

One of the cool aspects of the set is the social networking built into trying to complete a set.  Wax Eye has set up a thread for trading doubles over at the Wacky Packages forum.  Sure you can buy additional packages, but it’s kind of cool to get back to what it was like in elementary school trading with classmates trying to complete the latest series of Garbage Pail Kids.

In the spirit of this, I’ve decided to hold a mini contest to get my doubles out into the world.  I’m offering up three prizes, a stack of 20 cards, a stack of 10 cards, and one of the super cool black-light stickers.  To get your grubby hands on these all you have to do is head on over to the Branded Facebook Page and leave a comment in the Discussions tab on the left (you can also click on the cards below).  I’ll be picking three winners at random this Friday, May 20th at 3:00pm est.  Good luck, and go check out Joe Simko’s Cereal Killers trading cards!