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Introducing Captain Cornelius Cartoon’s Cartoon Lagoon!

Friend of the site Manny Galan (you may remember him for submitting the stunningly amazing Knight Rider Meets the Dukes of Hazzard story idea in the comments section of a recent League post), dropped me a line recently to announce his upcoming animation/puppetry mash-up project called Captain Cornelius Cartoon’s Cartoon Lagoon.  Riffing off of our collective memories of the sugar-induced insanity that was Saturday morning cartoons, Galan and crew have created a show that any kid that grew up in the 70s through the 90s is bound to dig.  Here’s a bit from the press release…

“Join Wet Willy Jones and Axel Rodd McGee on their undersea quest aboard the Manta Ray, a cartoon-retrieving vessel commanded by Captain Cornelius Cartoon.  This brand new animated/puppet show adventure plumbs the depths of Cartoon Lagoon in search of the best and the WORST cartoons ever made.

Captain Cornelius Cartoon’s Cartoon Lagoon, coming to DVD Fall 2012.”

Judging from the trailer, I think we’re in for some MST3K-esque cartoon hilarity.  If you dearly miss the days of waking up in your He-Man pajamas, sprinting into the kitchen to pour a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, before leapfrogging over the coffee table and into your favorite beanbag chair to tune into the Saturday morning block of animation, then I think Captain Cornelius Cartoon’s Cartoon Lagoon will be right up your alley.

Until the DVD is released, you can tide yourself over by heading to the site’s blog and checking out interviews with the crew of the Manta Ray including Wet Willy Jones, Axel Rodd McGee, and Captain Cornelius Cartoon himself.  You can also check out this post that works as a sort of mission statement for the project…