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PCP #13, Ted Seko!

Well folks, the month of October is almost upon us, and before I slip into a daze of daily ghoulish shenanigans, I thought I’d squeeze in one more PCP update.  I feel very lucky to have gotten a chance to meet a bunch of people because of this website and the projects it’s led me to, but there are still a handful of folks I’ve yet to meet in person.  Of these people I’d really like to get a chance to say hello and give a hearty handshake to is the one and only Ted Seko!

Probably one of the most sincere and thoughtful people in comics, Ted is really one in a million.  I’ve been listening to his creative process podcast, the Idiot Engine, for almost three years now and I’m always taken by his perspective on creating comics and telling stories.  He’s also one hell of a cartoonist, both in comics and animation.  His style is energy and excitement personified in a way that’s so much more instinctual than a lot of his contemporaries.

I could literally gush about this man’s work for hours, but I wanted to point to how much of a mensch Ted is when he pitched in to help out the Up! Fair last year.  We had put out a call to artists and friends about donating pieces of art for a gallery showing and an auction to benefit the show and Ted surprised us all by sending in a one of a kind comic book that was completely illustrated and bound by hand.  And it was awesome.  That was way above and beyond and it’s just another example of how cool this guy is. 

If you get a chance, I highly suggest heading on over to download some episodes of his podcast, watch some of his cartoons, and take a look at his artwork.  This guy is the real deal!

PCP #12, CT from Nerd Lunch!

This week’s PCP spotlight is on Carlin “CT” from Nerd Lunch!

I think I originally got to know CT through twitter a couple years ago, but I’ve been keeping up with the Nerd Lunch website ever since.  CT was a big supporter of the Up! Fair, the alternative/indie comics show that I helped put together back at the tail end of 2010.  He graciously donated a bunch of copies of his short film that we gave out in our swag bag at the show.  He’s also one of the hosts of the newly launched Nerd Lunch podcast (along with another NL alum Jeeg and Paxton from the Cavalcade of Awesome.)  As I mentioned earlier, I was a guest on the second episode where we all got geeky about the Back to the Future flicks.

If you’re into all things geeky and nerdy, whether it be comic books, films, or even lunch, you should check out Nerd Lunch.  Tell ’em I sent ya!

PCP #11, Turning the dial up to eleven with the Cavalcade of Awesome!

In the immortal words of Ferris Buller, “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Generally an apt comment on the day to day, it’s really been the tone regarding my time/website ratio lately.  More specifically, I’ve been neglecting it in lieu of crazy life junk.  That being said, October is looming and I plan on jumping back into Branded with another Countdown to Halloween Branded blog-a-thon.  I also wanted to get back in the groove of posting PostCard Project updates as I think it’s time for another round of vintage postcard goodness to coincide with the Halloween season.

Today I’d like to highlight the ever amazing talents of one Paxton from the Cavalcade of Awesome!

Longtime readers have no doubt heard me mention his site before, in particular during a cross-over event we did last summer where we investigated the concept of unofficial movie trilogies (with Pax linking up some party animal, ninja, and break dancing flicks while I connected the dots between the furious fists of Ralph Macchio, some extreme sports movies, and the musical violence of Walter Hill.)  Pax’s Cavalcade of Awesome, in particular his keen comic writing voice, is always inspiring me to up my game and I’ve always enjoyed discussing geeky stuff in the comments sections of our sites.

Paxton also recently joined up with CT and Jeeg over at Nerd Lunch to start recording the official Nerd Lunch podcast.  I was graciously invited to sit in on their revolving 4th chair for their second episode where we discussed the in’s and out’s of the Back to the Future flicks.

So if you get a second and want to have your mind blown with awesome, stop by Pax’s site.  You’ll be glad you did!

PCP Spotlight #10, Ladyjaye bringing the Turtles to Eidos!

It’s been a little while, but the Post Card Project is back with a new reader to highlight.  Today I’d like to point to international (Montreal, Canada) reader Sarah, who you might know as Ladyjaye in the comments here at Branded.  She’s been with the site for awhile and has always been a source of great conversation!


She was cool enough to make the trek out to the Eidos, Square Enix Montreal office with the TMNT postcard I sent a while back. Now I can say that at least my penmanship has made it out to Square!  Sarah runs a fun Tumblr site called Dancin’ with my Mirror that features a ton of cool geeky stuff, and if you’ve got a second, head on over and introduce yourself to her site.  You’ll be glad you did!

Post Card Project Spotlight #9, taking a trip to Saturday World!

It’s time for another PCP spotlight, and this week it’s on Jason who runs the great pop culture cartoon blog Saturday World.com!

I’ve had a lot of fun conversing with Jason on twitter, and he’s always reminding me of cartoons I hadn’t thought about in years.  If you get a second, check out his site and if you dig cartoons as much as I do, I’m positive that there’ll be something that’ll spark a fond memory or ten…

PCP #8, Stalking thorugh upstate New York, it’s Jason Vorhees!

Catching back up with the Post Card Project, today’s feature is on Jason who has a great toy and pop culture site called simply enough Jason Vorhees’ Blog

At the time I sent out the cards I didn’t realize that Jason’s favorite character was Donatello, so he ended up getting a Mikey card, but regardless I’m happy that through this project I was able to find a new site to frequent.  Jason’s got a really down to Earth yet passionate take on pop culture, and I’ve had a blast reading along with his observations as he shares his various toy and ephemera finds.  If you get a second, head on over and check out his site!

It’s hard to see it, but he’s got quite a nice TMNT and toy collection behind him in the photo.  In particular I see some Robo Force figures up top that warm my heart a bit…

Post Card Project Spotlight #7, Gonzalexx!

Today’s PCP spotlight is on Jose Gonzales, one of the nicest and most supportive people I’ve ever met online.  I first got a chance to chat with Jose years ago via the Art & Story podcast as we were both avid listeners and part of the same Twitter circle. I’ve also gotten a chance to see Jose grow as an artist through his site The Mad Scientist’s Art Laboratory, which has been really cool.

For his picture with the TMNT postcard I sent out earlier in the year, Jose pulled out all the stops and broke out his samurai sword for a photo-op.  Leonardo would be proud!

If you get a chance, seek out Jose in Twitter, or take a gander at some of his artwork on his site.  You’ll be glad you did!

PCP #6, I always wanted to shake a severed hand…

Today’s PCP spotlight is on Micki who hails from the other side of the pond, all the way over in Spain!  Micki runs a site called El Escalon Imaginario, and though there’s a bit of a language barrier, just one look at his scans and photos and I know our Venn diagram of overlapping interests is practically a solid circle.  Hell, in the picture he sent he’s reading his postcard with a severed hand!  Now that’s style…

Also, if you look closely in the above picture you’ll see some pretty cool stuff.  In addition to the severed hand prop I spied a Super Mario Bros pin, Zuul, He-Man’s power sword, and a Breakfast Club poster…

I also really dig his graphic design style on the site, in particular his header.  If I’m getting the point correctly, with the picture of Humpty Dumpty on the wall and all the cool stuff underneath, then the implication is that after Humpty fell all sorts of awesome 80s and 90s era stuff fell out.  That is pretty darn cool.  I also love that he managed to Photoshop a portion of the TMNT postcard I send into an Ozzy Ozbourne record cover almost perfectly.

So if you get a second and want to get lost in the archives of an awesome Spanish blog, head on over to El Escalon Imaginario (oh, and Google translate is a great tool for getting over the language barrier…)

PCP Spotlight #5, can you heat the howl of the Claymation Werewolf?

Today’s PCP spotlight is on J.C & Leslie Beirau, a couple of cool folks out of Ohio that have an appreciation for all things geeky and nostalgic.  J.C., potentially better known as the Claymation Werewolf, has recently started writing for the The Retroist’s website as well as hosting a blog called the CW Digital Digest

Check out that awesome pumpkin-topped watertower in the background!  Apparently there is a witchy/halloweeny theme going on in their town which makes me so jealous!

If you get a chance, check out J.C.’s alternate retro-histories at the Retroist!

PCP Spotlight #4, It’s a beautiful day in the Neighborhood!

Before I get into the spotlight I just wanted to say thanks to all the wonderful folks who requested one of the second wave DC Comics postcards!  Every single one of them has been spoken for, including the oddly specific Christmas, Birthday and Get Well Soon cards.  I’ll be sending the last batch out today so you should all be receiving them within a week or so.  Remember, if you want you can take some pictures with the card and send them on in with a link to your blog or what-have-you and I’ll make sure to spotlight you on an upcoming edition of the PCP.  Oh, and if you wanted a card but didn’t get a request in on time, don’t fret, in the coming months I’ll have another wave that I’m super excited about.  They’re a bit older than the 80s, but the cards are tied into the origin of one of my favorite things from my childhood so it should be fun!

Today’s PCP spotlight is on TL from the ever awesome Neighborhoodarchive.com. I first got to know TL through one of his other sites, Flashlights are Something to Eat, which features some blasts from the past that are dear to my heart.  He’s got a great eye for detail (check out some of his movie scene breakdowns), and some great observations on the pop culture of the 70s and 80s.

TL’s heart seems to lie with championing the work of Fred Rogers, which is a worthy cause in my book.  I was lucky enough that TL took a stroll into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe with the TMNT postcard I sent out, and he even got a second with King Friday.  I think his majesty was a bit disappointed that the card wasn’t mailed directly to him, but at the end of the day everyone got a chance to see Donatello kicking Rocksteady’s butt a little, so it’s all good…

If you get a chance, make sure to head on over to some of TL’s sites and don’t forget to check out his Mr. Rogers podcast.  You’ll be glad you did!