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The All New Branded in the 80s Podcast: Episode 5!

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So for those of you who are into hearing me talk instead of reading Branded pieces, the latest episode of the Branded in the 80s podcast is an audiobook rendition of the latest article I wrote, Thrashin’ and Trashin’ all about my years as an 80s skateboarding poser.  There’s a few extras thrown in for good measure as well as a shout out and a call back to last episode from the seriously awesome Michael of RetroMASH.com!


You can find the episode on iTunes, Stitcher, the Branded Facebook page, or you can also stream it directly from the handy player below, or download it directly by right-clicking and saving here.

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The All New Branded in the 80s Podcast, Episode 4!

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In the fourth episode of the Branded in the 80s podcast I decide to dive into a topic I don’t cover very often at the site, music.  In particular I take a closer look at one of my favorite 80s era anthems, John Farnham’s Thunder in Your Heart.  I talk about the song, the soundtrack that it appears on (the 1986 film Rad), and the shock I had when I found out that not just one but two of my other favorite anthem artists have also covered the song, Joe Esposito (of the You’re the Best Karate Kid fame) and Stan Bush (of the 1986 Transformers The Touch fame,)  Join me as I break down the song, compare and contrast the different versions and play a brand new remix that combines all three versions into one crazy bit of audio cacophony.


You can find the episode on iTunes, Stitcher, the Branded Facebook page, or you can also stream it directly from the handy player below, or download it directly by right-clicking and saving here.


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The All New Branded in the 80s Podcast, Episode 3!

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On this episode of the all new Branded in the 80s podcast I spend little time talking about one of my favorite 80s era collectibles, movie tie-in novelizations!  I cover a bit of the reason why I love them as a concept before diving into some discussion talking all about the 1985 Ghostbusters: A Supernatural Spectacular novel written by Richard Mueller.

Ghostbusters-Novelization    Ghostbusters-Novelization-2

I cover some extended and deleted scenes as well as some all new material that wasn’t either in the script or the finished film.  If you want to read the book and don’t have the mulah to drop on the vintage copy, you can find it at the really awesome Spook Central site!

You can find the episode on iTunes, Stitcher, the Branded Facebook page, or you can also stream it directly from the handy player below, or download it directly by right-clicking and saving here.

In this episode’s shout-out I take a minute to point to my bud Philip Reed’s site BattleGrip.com and his new kickstarter project launching his latest toy collecting book, Action Figure Carrying Cases.

You can find Philip’s previous ultra rad books on Amazon by click in the covers below…



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Return of the Living Podcast!

So, one of the small projects I’ve been working on this past month is the resurrection of the Branded in the 80s Podcast.  It’s been over five years since I last recorded an episode of the show and even though I find solo-podcasting terribly frustrating, I’ve always missed it a little.  I started this site with the podcast and for the 10th anniversary I felt it would be a fun challenge to see if I could dust off the show, clean it up a bit and put a new coat of wax on it.  I’m not sure how long this new incarnation might last, but I intend to try and keep it going throughout the rest of the summer at the very least…

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For the first new episode of the show I decided to sit down and record some thoughts on the return of Hi-C Ecto Cooler and why it might be a good experiment to try and find the positive aspects of the pop culture we love and love to gripe about.  I’m still playing around with the format a bit, so excuse me while I make a fool of myself.

There are a few ways you can snag new episodes of the show.  I’ve submitted it to iTunes and Stitcher, so those avenues should go live soon, but until then you can subscribe to the RSS feed or right click and download the first episode here.  You can also stream it via the player below or on the Branded Facebook page.

So for all two of you who have been asking for it, yes, the Branded in the 80s podcast is back.  For now…

Branded Microcast Episode 22, Soda suicide to suicidal soldiers!

I’m back with episode 22 of the microcast.  This time I have a couple of topics.  First off I continue the discussion of soda nostalgia and nerdery from last episode by looking at the crazy concoction known as a Suicide

…but I spend the majority of this episode talking about the Rambo cartoon and how there was a perfect storm in the 80s that would lead to an R-rated film being adapted into children’s animation.

I also throw out a couple nods to other podcasts, namely the Roboplastic Podcastalypse and the Retroist Podcast.


Episode 21: Dusting off the Branded Microcast for an anniversary…

I’m not that big on anniversaries, but Branded in the 80s turns 5 years old this month and since I’ve been getting prods to record some new episodes of the podcast I thought this would be a good opportunity. 

This time I invite the listener to peek behind the curtain a bit as I share a silly story about the debacle of my Soda Pop Culture column here at Branded.  I talk a bit about why I started it, what the plans were, and how it all fell flat (oh puns.)  Will I do more shows?  Nobody knows…

Some of the links mentioned in this episode:

Liz Vitale and her Puppatoons site

Charles over at Eclectorama

The Retroist

Some pictures of the insane amount of soda I purchased

Dusting off the podcast…

Well, with all the podcasting I’ve been doing lately with the newly revamped Saturday Supercast, I got the bug to dust off the Branded in the 80s podcast as well.  Don’t know how regularly I’ll put one of these out, but it was fun to record just the same.

Basically I spend around 50 minutes talking about some of my general thoughts on cartoons.   Filmation, Hanna Barbera, animation cels, a deconstructive/critical eye towards cartoons, Action for Children’s Television, and why you might want to listen to the Saturday Supercast.  I also threw in a bunch of cartoon theme songs (under the main conversation of the podcast), as well as the majority of the one Kidd Video studio album.

If you’d like to check out the Supercast, you can click on the link below and it’ll whisk you away to the archives.

Branded in the 80s podcast Episode 11: Rambling rambler rambles and stuff…

Well, I recorded another show, though I’m kind of iffy about it.  Basically I’m trying to get back into the swing of podcasting on a regular basis and I thought it would be best to just record anything that I’m currently thinking about.  At first I was just going to keep recording shows without posting them, but after thinking about it some more I decided that if I don’t post them I’m not going to get off my ass and record them in the first place.  I’m a goal-oriented person in this respect.

So what’s in this episode?  Well it starts off with me getting cranky about the upcoming complete Real Ghostbusters DVD release (see the previous post for more), and that I slide into a one sided conversation about story telling conventions, in particular the whole idea of alternate history as a concept.  Is it in depth?  No.  Do I ramble like a goon?  Yes.  It is 50% shorter than the last episode though, which brings me back to my more normal running time.  Next time, there will be some research, or at least some notes to guide me along. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, I also mention the Art & Story podcast with Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph, but I forgot to give a link to their show in the episode, so here it is!

Branded in the 80s Episode 10?!? Yes it is…

Alright, I’m still not convinced that this is the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but I recorded a podcast last night talking about some of my experiences during the 2008 Wizard World Chicago comic con.  It’s a little different than the normal Branded in the 80s podcasts as it’s mired in the present and it’s pretty freaking long (for me at least.)  So be warned that it clocks in at just over an hour.  Mainly I discuss how much WW surprised me in contrast to conventions that I’m more used to like Dragon con, as well as how easily (relatively) I was able to break out of my more normal introverted shell in the convention situation…

It’s not that my voice MAKES your ears bleed, it’s that you’ll want to make them bleed after listening to it…

What’s this?!?  Another Branded in the 80s podcast?  Well, no, not exactly (though I love using the above header…)  I recently took some time out to record a show with my wife and Jerzy Drozd (of MLaT Comics, Art & Story Podcast, and Sugary Serials editor and creator) about the upcoming Wizard World Chicgo appearance we’re all going to make.  Basically we dig into the expectations, hopes, and fears we’re going to have at the show as well as some thoughts on what it’s like being an attendee versus being an exhibitor.  So if you are interested in hearing the soothing sounds of my voice (sarcasm folks) or are interested in listening to us chat about comic conventions, go on over to Sugary Serials and give it a listen (or click the picture below, it’s episode 17 of the Saturday Supercast.)

You can also right click and download the show from this link.

I also pop up on this past Monday’s Art & Story Alive, episode 18 (the sister podcast to Art & Story geared more towards furthering the conversation of the craft of comics art as well as encouraging listener participation), though only for a bit.  The topic was long form comics, how they work online, how to approach character and world construction and how they differ from short form comics (mainly strips, but also single issues and such.)  We also get into the concept of using photo reference to different degrees and whether this counts as cheating art-wise (if you’re curious on my opinion on this topic, I wrote about my struggles with it back in 2006.)  You can get the episode by right clicking and downloading it here.

Lastly, and also on the podcast news front, Branded in the 80s was discussed on episode 105 of the Paunch Stevenson ShowGreg and Rob take a little bit of time talking about the TV Guide and Peel Here columns as well as getting lost in my backwards site navigation a bit (just kidding guys, though I totally see your point on needing a "Next Page" navigation link at the bottom of the blogplane.)  You can get to the episode here.