The Branded in the 80s project originally started out as a podcast, and even though I’ve moved on to writing on this site that doesn’t mean I still don’t enjoy the medium.  I’ve been a host, co-host or a guest on a bunch of different shows over the years and here is where you can find all the audio content I’ve had the chance to record.  Currently I’m one of three regular co-hosts on the Cult Film Club.

Let’s start with the archive of the now defunct Branded in the 80s Podcast, as well as the handful of episodes of the Saturday Supercast where I was an official co-host and a bunch of other shows I’ve either guested on or guest hosted.  Listen at your own risk, the show has been known to cause nostalgia pangs and ear aches.  Just click to stream, or right-click and download to save…

Branded in the 80s Podcast

Episode 1: Big Wheel Memories
Episode 2: Showbiz Pizza Place
Episode 3: Weird Toy Nostalgia & The Monster Squad
Episode 3.5: Random Brain Dump
Episode 4: Garbage Pail Kids
Episode 5: 7 Eleven Memories
Episode 6: Horror and Halloween Memories
Episode 7: Long John Silvers Memories
Episode 8: School and School Supply Memories
Episode 9: 80s Stickers
Episode 10: Tabling at Wizard Word Chicago 2007 ReCap
Episode 11: Rambling Brain Dump Part 2
Episode 12: Lost episode that has been destroyed :(
Episode 13: Cartoons!
Episode 14: BMX Bikes!
Episode 15: Modern Retro Toys!
Episode 16: Kids books!
Episode 17: Talking about Pryde of the X-Men
Episode 18: Indian Guides Memories
Episode 19: A Rant About Superman III
Episode 20: Stephen J. Cannell & Cobra
Episode 21: Anniversaries and Soda

The All New Branded in the 80s Podcast

Episode 1: The Return of Ecto Cooler
Episode 2: Reconsidering Billy Francis Kopeke
Episode 3: Ghostbusters Novelization
Episode 4: Thunder in Your Heart
Episode 5: Thrashin’ & Trashin’
Episode 6: The Marty McFly Theorem
Episode 7: Nostalgia, the Weirder, the Better
Episode 8: Unsung Heroes of the 80s

Saturday Supercast

Episode 5: Saturday Morning Cartoons
Episode 10: 80s Nostalgia
Episode 11: Best Christmas Ever!
Episode 19: Deconstruction of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Cartoon, Part 1
Episode 20: Deconstruction of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Cartoon, Part 2
Episode 21: Deconstruction of the He-Man & the Masters of the Universe Cartoon, Part 1
Episode 22: Deconstruction of the He-Man & the Masters of the Universe Cartoon, Part 2
Episode 23: Sat Supercast Halloween: The Pumpkin Who Couldn’t Smile & Witches Night Out
Episode 24: Saturday Supercast Christmas:  Rankin/Bass’ Year Without a Santa Claus
Episode 25: Saturday Supercast Christmas: G.I. Joe and The Leprechaun’s Christmas Gold
Episode 32: Talking about Jem, Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony
Episode 34: 1986 Transformers the Movie Part 1
Episode 35: 1986 Transformers the Movie Part 2
Episode 37: Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue

I’ve also had the opportunity to be a guest or guest-host on a bunch of other shows talking about geeky and nostalgic topics.  Here’s where you can find those episodes…

Nerd Lunch Podcast
Episode 2: Back to the Future
Episode 10: Masters of the Universe Toys
Episode 19: Drill Down on Soda
Episode 24: Miyazaki’s Spirited Away
Episode 37: The 80s Era Muppet Movies
Episode 47: Expanded Universes
Episode 59: Halloween Specials
Episode 68: Failed Movie Toy Lines
Episode 91: G. I. Joe Action Figures
Episode 94: Actual Nerd Lunch
Episode 97: Ready Player One
Episode 107: Movie Prequels
Episode 126: Summer 2014 Nerd to Dos
Episode 140: Video Arcades
Episode 159: Comic Book Shop Memories
Episode 164: Nerd Lunch Legion of Doom
Episode 176: Summer 2015 Nerd to Dos
Episode 196: Mad Max Fury Road (Crossover with the Cult Film Club)
Episode 222: Video Store Memories
Extra Helping: Talking about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
Extra Helping: Talking about the New Adventures of He-Man

Art & Story Podcast
Episode 61: The Big Scary Story
Episode 100: The Big ‘Un
Episode 114: The Big X-Mas Special
Episode 160: The Big Up! Fair Report

Saturday Morning Central
Episode 1: Talking about Nickelodeon’s TMNT

Throwback Reviews Podcast
Episode talking about the movie Just one of the Guys
Episode talking about the movie Summer School

Forgotten Filmcast
Episode 8: Streets of Fire
Episode 28: The Manhattan Project

Rediscover the 80s Podcast
Episode 1: Ghostbusters & 80s Discussions
Episode 2: Raiders of the Lost Ark & 80s Discussions

Beaucoup Pop
Episode 75: 80s Bliss and Halloween

Episode 63: 90s Trivia Challenge

Geek Fallout Podcast
Episode 47: Transformers

Random Nerdness
Episode 22: Star Wars Trivia
Episode 28: Masters of the Universe Toys

Classic Film Jerks
Episode 19: The Maltese Falcon

Saturday Night Frights
Episode 22: Halloween Special I

The Atomic Geeks
Season 2, Episode 13: Movie Taglines

Retro Retro Retro Podcast
June 2013 Episode: Magazine Memories

Currently I am one of the co-hosts of the Cult Film Club, a podcast dedicated to all the weird, obscure and cult movies we love to death.

Cult Film Club
Episode 1: The Wraith
Episode 2, Part 1: What is Cult?
Episode 2, Part 2: Personal Cult
Episode 3: D’Jango
Episode 4: Beastmaster
Episode 5: Harold & Maude
Episode 6: Zapped!
Episode 7: Mortal Kombat
Episode 8: Karate Kid III
Episode 9: Zero Effect
Episode 10: Miami Connection
Episode 11: Troll 2
Episode 12: Better Off Dead
Episode 13: Tribute to Harold Ramis
Episode 14: The Last Dragon
Episode 15: The Shadow
Episode 16: Rad
Episode 17: Interview with Bill “Cru Jones” Allen from Rad
Episode 18: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Episode 19: The Specials
Episode 20: Streets of Fire
Episode 21: The Midnight Hour
Episode 22a: Young Guns
Episode 22b: Young Guns II
Episode 23: Young Sherlock Holmes
Episode 24: Mannequin
Episode 25: Hackers
Episode 26: Ping Pong Summer
Episode 27: The People Under the Stairs
Episode 28: Repo Man
Episode 29: The Mad Max Trilogy
Episode 30: Lady Snowblood
Episode 31: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Episode 32: Just One of the Guys
Episode 33: My Science Project
Episode 34: Hedwig and the Angry Inch