Here’s the archive of the now defunct Branded in the 80s Podcast, as well as the handful of episodes of the Saturday Supercast where I was an official co-host.  Listen at your own risk, the show has been known to cause nostalgia pangs and ear aches.  Just click to stream, or right-click and download to save…

Branded in the 80s Podcast

Episode 1: Big Wheel Memories
Episode 2: Showbiz Pizza Place
Episode 3: Weird Toy Nostalgia & The Monster Squad
Episode 3.5: Random Brain Dump
Episode 4: Garbage Pail Kids
Episode 5: 7 Eleven Memories
Episode 6: Horror and Halloween Memories
Episode 7: Long John Silvers Memories
Episode 8: School and School Supply Memories
Episode 9: 80s Stickers
Episode 10: Tabling at Wizard Word Chicago 2007 ReCap
Episode 11: Rambling Brain Dump Part 2
Episode 12: Lost episode that has been destroyed :(
Episode 13: Cartoons!
Episode 14: BMX Bikes!
Episode 15: Modern Retro Toys!
Episode 16: Kids books!
Episode 17: Talking about Pryde of the X-Men
Episode 18: Indian Guides Memories
Episode 19: A Rant About Superman III
Episode 20: Stephen J. Cannell & Cobra
Episode 21: Anniversaries and Soda

Saturday Supercast

Episode 5: Saturday Morning Cartoons
Episode 10: 80s Nostalgia
Episode 11: Best Christmas Ever!
Episode 19: Deconstruction of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Cartoon, Part 1
Episode 20: Deconstruction of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Cartoon, Part 2
Episode 21: Deconstruction of the He-Man & the Masters of the Universe Cartoon, Part 1
Episode 22: Deconstruction of the He-Man & the Masters of the Universe Cartoon, Part 2
Episode 23: Sat Supercast Halloween: The Pumpkin Who Couldn’t Smile & Witches Night Out
Episode 24: Saturday Supercast Christmas:  Rankin/Bass’ Year Without a Santa Claus
Episode 25: Saturday Supercast Christmas: G.I. Joe and The Leprechaun’s Christmas Gold
Episode 32: Talking about Jem, Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony
Episode 34: 1986 Transformers the Movie Part 1
Episode 35: 1986 Transformers the Movie Part 2
Episode 37: Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue

I’ve also had the opportunity to be a guest or guest-host on a bunch of other shows talking about geeky and nostalgic topics.  Here’s where you can find those episodes…

Nerd Lunch Podcast
Episode 2: Back to the Future
Episode 10: Masters of the Universe Toys
Episode 19: Drill Down on Soda
Episode 24: Miyazaki’s Spirited Away
Episode 37: The 80s Era Muppet Movies
Episode 47: Expanded Universes
Episode 59: Halloween Specials
Episode 68: Failed Movie Toy Lines
Episode 91: G. I. Joe Action Figures
Episode 94: Actual Nerd Lunch
Episode 97: Ready Player One
Episode 107: Movie Prequels
Episode 126: Summer 2014 Nerd to Dos
Episode 140: Video Arcades
Extra Helping: Talking about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Saturday Morning Central
Episode 1: Talking about Nickelodeon’s TMNT

Throwback Reviews Podcast
Episode talking about the movie Just one of the Guys
Episode talking about the movie Summer School

Forgotten Filmcast
Episode 8: Streets of Fire
Episode 28: The Manhattan Project

Rediscover the 80s Podcast
Episode 1: Ghostbusters & 80s Discussions
Episode 2: Raiders of the Lost Ark & 80s Discussions

Beaucoup Pop
Episode 75: 80s Bliss and Halloween

Episode 63: 90s Trivia Challenge

Geek Fallout Podcast
Episode 47: Transformers

Random Nerdness
Episode 22: Star Wars Trivia
Episode 28: Masters of the Universe Toys

Classic Film Jerks
Episode 19: The Maltese Falcon

Saturday Night Frights
Episode 22: Halloween Special I

Currently I am one of the co-hosts of the Cult Film Club, a podcast dedicated to all the weird, obscure and cult movies we love to death.

Cult Film Club
Episode 1: The Wraith
Episode 2, Part 1: What is Cult?
Episode 2, Part 2: Personal Cult
Episode 3: D’Jango
Episode 4: Beastmaster
Episode 5: Harold & Maude
Episode 6: Zapped!
Episode 7: Mortal Kombat
Episode 8: Karate Kid III
Episode 9: Zero Effect
Episode 10: Miami Connection
Episode 11: Troll 2
Episode 12: Better Off Dead
Episode 13: Tribute to Harold Ramis
Episode 14: The Last Dragon
Episode 15: The Shadow
Episode 16: Rad
Episode 17: Interview with Bill “Cru Jones” Allen from Rad
Episode 18: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Episode 19: The Specials
Episode 20: Streets of Fire
Episode 21: The Midnight Hour