Peel Here & Scream, Day 26!


Welcome back to the last week of the 2015 Branded Countdown to Halloween!  Can you smell that?  Nope, it’s not a fresh batch of scratch ‘n sniff stickers, it’s freaking autumn!  I’ve been mentioning here and there that I recently made a long distance move from Atlanta to Maryland and one of the most jarring aspects to this change in scenery has been experiencing a true set of four seasons.  Down in the south we basically get two seasons, summer and winter.  At least in the area where I lived there weren’t a ton of leafy trees that changed color in the fall (mostly there were just various pine trees), and the temperatures usually went from a bamly, humid 90-100 degrees down to the 40s and 50s almost overnight sometime in mid to late November. Up here though, it’s far enough up north that the foliage is beautiful with vibrant red, orange and yellows in the leaves and you can actually smell autumn in the air.  That mix of dying and fallen leaves, the crispness to the 60 degree weather, and somewhere off in the distance a fire.  This is my first fall experiencing this and I feel like I’m in a movie, like those final moments in Big with all the autumn colors lining the streets and all the neighbors out raking the leaves into piles that kids are playing in.  It’s pretty awesome.

I’ve finally stocked up on candy for the trick or treaters, and the girlfriend and I have broken out our collection of Halloween TV show episodes, specials and movies.  I think I might even break out my copy of E.T. just to watch through the Halloween scenes of the film because today’s vintage sticker sheet is all about E.T. and the holiday…

E.T. Hallmark Halloween Stickers 1982

Released by Hallmark back in 1982, these stickers played up the Halloween-y aspect of the film without really touching on any of the imagery that’s in the movie.  We get one sticker with E.T. dressed as a ghost, but none of the kids, or even a silhouette of the group out and about which is a pretty iconic image from the film.  It’s a little weird, but still a very welcome addition to the season sticker collection.

Well, come back by tomorrow as I ratchet up the countdown and start sharing twice the amount of stickers during this last stretch to Halloween night!


Peel Here & Scream, Day 25!

Peel_Here_ScreamAlright folks, this may be the last Sunday of the 2015 Countdown to Halloween, but there’s still a lot of fun left to share, so let’s dive right in with this trio of Ghostly sticker sheets!

This first sheet of spooks hails from 1987 and was released by Hallmark.  This sheet is a little weird because at first it appears that most of the illustrations are the exact same, but if you look closely there are subtle differences in each…

1987 Hallmark Halloween stickers 1

This second sheet is a sister release to the above sheet and features the same style of ghosts, though with a bit more panache!

1987 Hallmark Halloween stickers 2

Last up today is a sheet of specters released buy Amscan back in 1985.


Swing back by tomorrow as we start the final march to October 31 with 6 more days of Halloween sticker fun!


Peel Here & Scream, Day 24!

Today begins the final week of the 2015 Countdown to Halloween, and that special night is approaching fast.  So for this last week I’m going to ratchet things up a bit and double the amount of stickers I share each day!  First up today is this sheet of pumpkin-heavy Amscan stickers that I think is from around 1986 or so and reminds me a lot of the paper cardstock decorations that my elementary and middle school classes used to put up each year.  I love the witch stirring her cauldron with a femur!


Next up is this sheet from an unknown company that looks like it hails from somewhere between 1980-1982 if I had to guess based on the style of illustration on these.  I love that these are very pumpkin-heavy stickers too, and even though both of these sheets are in the more “adorable” vein there’s something about them that just screams Halloween to me.


Stay tuned for more sticker craziness at Branded!


Peel Here & Scream, Day 23!

I thought I’d round out this second to last week in this 2015 Countdown with another sheet of fun branded stickers.  Yesterday was all about the Peanuts, and today touches on another of my favorite properties, The Muppets!  This sheet was released by Hallmark back in 1982…


It’s weird how Miss Piggy-centric a lot of the Muppets merchandise was back in the early 80s, specifically the stickers that were released by Hallmark.  This sheet is no exception with her oinkiness dominating this sheet with 4 of the 9 stickers.  At least there’s a Zoot sticker.  You don’t see him get the spotlight like that very often…

Well, there’s only 2 Saturdays left in the countdown, so swing by tomorrow to see what I have in store!


Peel Here & Scream, Day 22!

The 2015 Branded Countdown to Halloween keeps on chugging along and today I have a couple more Hallmark sticker sheets to share.  I figured today was as good a day as any to break into sharing some branded Halloween stickers. Probably the most popular brand that celebrates the Halloween season are the Peanuts, and I’d be willing to bet that there have been sheets of spooky Charlie Brown and Snoopy stickers during the season dating back to the early 70s.  Here are a couple sheets from the 80s that I have in my collection…


1989 peanuts halloween

I love that these two sheets feature at least one sticker referencing the Great Pumpkin storyline and cartoon special.  Weird as it might seem, for all the Halloween related Peanuts merchandise it’s actually kind of rare to see stickers that directly reference the special.  I’m not sure why exactly, but you never see it, like you never see Charlie Brown stickers or toys that have him in the weird ghost costume for instance.  I wonder if there is some sort of legal reason for this?

Swing back by tomorrow for day 23 and more vintage sticker scans!


Peel Here & Scream, Day 21!

There are only 10 days left until Halloween. Cripes, this month is flying by.  Well, today is gonna be another quickie drive-by sticker dump as the day job is being a total time suck this week.  But, to make up for it, here are twice the number of stickers! It’s a pumpkin-a-plooza!



You know the drill, I’ll be back tomorrow with more vintage Halloween sticker fun!


Peel Here & Scream, Day 20!

Welcome back to day 20 of the Branded in the 80s, Peel Here & Scream Countdown to Halloween (*pant*pant*).  Man, that’s a mouthful.  Well, we’re less than two weeks away from the big day, but there’s still plenty of time to carve your pumpkins and work on your costumes for this season’s festivities.  Me?  I am super stoked and looking forward to my second year of handing out candy in a real neighborhood setting.  It’s an experience that had eluded me for my first 36 years, but now that I’m living in a nice subdivision in the burbs I’m taking full advantage of being the coolest house on the block with the best candy.  Kids that hit up my house that have made their own costume?  Full size candy bar and some fun size bars for good measure.  Kids dressed as Ninja Turtles?  A heaping handful of funsize bars.  Last kid of the night?  Gets whatever is left in the bowl (last year it was almost a full bag of mixed candy.  The secret hidden prize?  If any kid comes up to my door in a hand-me-down Ben Cooper costume that once belonged to their parents?  That kids gets two full-size candy bars, and $20.  I know this last one is a seriously outside bet, but there is a family in this neighborhood that has a kid tearing up the streets in a vintage CHiPs big wheel, so there is a chance…

Anyway, onto today’s stickers which are a little bit of a mystery for me.  I’m not sure what company originally released these, or what year (though I can pretty easily peg them to the mid to late 80s based on the illustration style alone.)


I love the MAD magazine style of the illustrator (who I can only identify by the last name, Giulivo.)  I also really dig that the overall sheet is one large scene with the individual characters as removable stickers.  That is a very late 80s development in sticker sheets for sure.  Could you imagine getting the Skeleton sticker on a test as a kid, and then like a week later getting the connecting Mummy sticker on your homework and then realizing that there was a connection between the two?  Mind blowing for a 2nd grader…

Swing back by tomorrow for more 80s Halloween-y sticker fun, and remember to check out the Countdown to Halloween for a metric ton of other sites participating in the month-long festivities of the season.


Peel Here & Scream, Day 19!

Well, we’re almost two thirds into the 2015 Countdown to Halloween as there are only 12 more days until All Hallows Eve.  The past couple of days have featured some majorly cutesy stickers, so I thought it was time to switch gears back to something a bit more monstrous with this 1980 Hallmark sticker sheet…

Hallmark 1980 monsters

Sort of like the stickers I post last Friday, the illustrations on these are on the crude side, but I kind of love that about them, lopsided Frankenstein’s Monster and all.  My one question is why did they decide to add snakes to the mix?

Hit up Branded tomorrow for even more fun spooky stickers from the 80s!


Peel Here & Scream, Day 18!

I’ve sort of been saving the extra cute stickers for the weekends during this month of Halloween-y stickers at Branded, and today is hands down probably the closest I’m going to get to a Precious Moments-esque sticker sheet in the countdown.  This sheet is from Hallmark, circa 1986…

1986 Hallmark

Does it get any more precious than this?  Ghost mice with acorn wants for the win…

Swing back by tomorrow for something more monstrous as we crack into the third full week of the season!


Peel Here & Scream, Day 17!

Welcome back to the 2015 Branded Halloween sticker countdown!  A couple days ago I posted what I’m pretty sure is a sheet of Amscam stickers from around 1979-1981.  Today I have another sheet that I believe is part of the same series from around the same time frame…

1980 cute halloween

These are super cutsey, but I love them to death.  Again, like that other sheet these scream autumn to me.  They look like some of the paper Halloween decorations that my elementary school used to put up around October.  So many memories of those decorations…

Come back tomorrow for another dose of vintage sticky Halloween ephemeral fun!