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Wax Paper Pop Art #10: Before the WWF was pissing off panda enthusiasts…

Today’s waxy pop art comes from the 1985 Topps Pro Wrestling card set (which I’ve yet to procure any stickers for sadly.)

Wax Paper Pop Art #9: That’s one primary-colored Knight Rider…

I wonder why the person in charge of picking the colors for this 1982 Donruss Knight Rider wax pack didn’t think to switch out the red and blue of Michael’s shirt and jacket to get it a bit more accurate to the show?  Anyway, I wish these cards had a sticker card subset, but alas, they didn’t…

Wax Paper Pop Art #8: 3-Color Dukes edition…

Speaking of the Orange, Blue, Yellow combo, here’s a couple of other wax wrappers that hit this in a slightly different way…


Dukes of Hazzard (Donruss, 1980)


Dukes of Hazzard, Design #2 (Donruss, 1980)

Wax Paper Pop Art #7: Chester Copperpot, eat your heart out…

In a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Goonies, today’s Wax Paper Pop Art features two wrappers from the 1985 Topps bubblegum card set.

I talked about the stickers from this set here.

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Wax Paper Pop Art #6: Orange-Blue-Yellow

This week brings a slight theme, orange-yellow-blue.  Most of the bubblegum card wax wrappers I’ve seen have limited color palettes, between two and four colors, and a good chunk of them feature yellow and blue.  So these three really jumped out at me…  

Space: 1999 (Donruss, 1976)


Elvis (Donruss, 1978)


Three’s Company (Topps, 1978).  I talked about the stickers here.

Wax Paper Pop Art #5: Kiss that damn duck already!

This week’s WPPA brings an anniversary of an unlikely duo, Kiss and Howard the Duck.  33 years ago this month Kiss made their very first comic book appearance in issue number 12 of Howard the Duck (published by Marvel in 1977.)  I believe the Empire Strikes Back was also released on this day 30 years ago, but c’mon, Kiss in comics people! 

Kiss (Donruss, 1978)


Howard the Duck (Topps, 1986).  I talked about the stickers here.

My kind of Pop Art!

I’ve been thinking it might be fun to block out Fridays at Branded in the 80s for posting some of my favorite pop art, the super colorful simplified imagery of non-sport bubblegum card wax wrappers.  So for this first in a series I present the 1st five series of Garbage Pail Kids wrappers…

Series 1 1985 – (Which I’ve sort of talked about before here.)


All of these first five series featured Adam Bomb/Blasted Billy re-drawn by Tom Bunk…


Series 2 1985 – (Which I’ve talked about before here.)


Series 3 1986 – (Which I’ve talked about before here.)


Series 4 1986 – (Which I’ve talked about before here.)


Series 5 1986 – (Which I’ve talked about before here.)

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