Easter day at the park…

By Shawn Robare

So it’s Easter and the fiancee and I decided to hit the local park to walk our dog and sort of be lazy.  We stopped and bought some lunch at the local farmer’s market and set up a tiny picnic by the pond watching the ducks and geese frolic (you can see some pictures on my flickr account, link to the left).  Anyway while we were eating we noticed this kid who was holding a duckling and we got so pissed off.  I’m never sure about this but we both remember something about the danger of handling a baby animal and how the mother might reject it afterwards.

So later I was taking some pictures and the kid came up to me with the duckling and I told him not to touch them and stuff.  Well he told me this really sad story about how one of the mother ducks was trying to drown it.  Turns out it was true.  I guess it got mixed up in the wrong flock of ducklings and both the parent ducks were trying to kill it.  I was less pissed at the kid seeing as how he was trying to save it and all, but I was still concerned.  Well he kept trying to place it with other flocks as they’d swim by and one of them did take it in and didn’t try and kill it.  So I guess there’s your Easter good deed for this year.

Like I said there’s some more pictures up on my flickr account if you’re interested.

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  • Girl600

    That’s a great story. At first I was thinking negative and said maybe the Parent duck was trying to drown the baby cause dude had been touching it (based on your new-to-me rejection theory). But then looking at his face and thinking more positively as I read that he kept trying to place the duck with new families as the floated by, my cold heart was touched. If I ever have kids I hope that they are that caring at such a young age. (I’m too deep)