Episode 5 – 7/11’s!

By Shawn Robare

In this episode I wax nostalgic on 7/11 convenience stores, Slurpees, and Nintendo Playchoice 10
arcade systems.

I think I’ve managed to fix the audio problem that’s been bugging me about the podcasts, but we’ll see.

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  • LordToastButter

    I did not discover 7-11’s until I was in High School, prior to that I had only “High’s” a local convenience store where I would go as a kid. Now, in High School I loved 7-11 and would always get the odd bottled drinks that they would sell, the micro-brew sodas, or other odd jems, remember Orbitz?

    • Yeah, Orbitz was crazy. The only way I can recreate that drink sensation now is getting Asian smoothies with the black tapioca pearls…