Halloween blog pimping…

By Shawn Robare

I thought I’d take a minute during this season to pimp some of the blogs I enjoy reading that are on a temporary Halloween blitz. In no particular order…

Todd Franklin at Neato Coolville has a really great blog that visits all sorts of stuff from toys to vintage ads and even the occasional cardboard robot battle. This month he’s been posting a bunch of fun Halloween oddities from old magazines to a collection of seasonal scratch off lotto tickets.

Kirk Demarais over at Secret Fun Blog (a more wordy offshoot of his awesome site Secret Fun Spot) has decided to dedicate the entire month to featuring a plethora of Plastic Skeletons, from ex-earrings to cereal box premiums.

Nemo434 (ah, pseudonyms…) over at Plastic Pumpkins has decided to theme all his posts during the month of October with a seasonal bent. Don’t let the name of the blog mislead you, it’s more of a metaphor for life than a year-round Halloween-a-thon.

Break out your pumpkin carving kit, cover your face with greasepaint, stick the Universal Monsters Legacy Collection into your DVD player, and then sit back and read some great blogs.

  • Steven A.

    Thanks for link! And I love the drawing of the pumpkin buckets! I may well steal it some day in the future when you’ve forgotten you ever drew it! : )

  • todd

    Wow, that’s a very cool drawing of my buddy Stretch Monster in a puffy shirt! (Watch for a SM post in December!) Kind of like Seinfeld’s famous puffy shirt! Thanks for the plug and the drawing! All three are super-duper out of this world!!!!