Holy Crap! A New Episode! School Stuff Memories…

By Shawn Robare

Well it sure has been awhile since I sat myself down and recorded a podcast.  Geez, what kept me?  Well, no time and the fact that it’s been easier to blog I guess.  I do miss hearing how shitty my voice sounds to my own ears though, so I did one.

This one’s all about school supply memories like mechanical pencils, Trapper Keepers and stuff.  Jerzy Drozd over at the wonderful Make Like a Tree Comics site (he does some great comics kids) suggested this topic, and I finally got around to recording it.  It’s a little rough and not quite as filled with personal stories, but I need to get myself back in the swing of things.

Anyway, since I’ve been blogging about some of this stuff, here are some links to stuff that I’ve written about that pops up in this podcast, namely erasers, the Ideal Marvel books, and the Crestwood Monster series of children’s books.

Also, as a request, does anyone know what the old Pentel mechanical pencils were called that I mention in this episode?  They were before quicker clickers and they were slim and you advanced the lead by clicking the back of the pencil.  They also had slim green erasers and came in various colors and I think only took .05 lead.

As always you can send me your comments, questions and concerns via email.  Thanks for listening.

  • Esteban

    It was nice hearing the show again. I so remember getting into fights in 1983 with girls who wanted my Garfield and Odie pencil toppers back in 3rd grade. I also remember that light bulb. That light bulb was classic 80’s. I have one Transformer related question-do you know if there was a metal Transformer lunchbox with the 1984 battle scene on it? I have a friend who swears one exists but nobody has found proof of it. I think they only made red plastic ones with the 1984 scene on it. I enjoy the blog and the links you provide to other good blogs, but your podcast is the one thing I really love. So I am glad you’re getting back into the swing of things.