Because I don’t have the time anyway…

By Shawn Robare

I’ve decided to start a sub-blog to Branded in the 80’s.  I love the concept that I’ve wrapped this website, blog and podcast in, but sometimes I want to write about other stuff that doesn’t fit so neatly into the fold, so without further ado I present,

Buried in DVDs: The Electric DVD Collecting Boogaloo!

This is where I’ll be talking up my DVD collection and any other film or TV related junk that I’m into.  Yup.  Same crap, different decade…

…or maybe the same decade, as the first post could have easily been on this blog.  Man I’m a genius.

  • Carol (Lulu)

    I just wanted to say ‘HI’, I just read your review on the Amazon web site about Midnight Madness. Bets and I are still around just doing other stuff now but if they ever have a reunion – we’re there! Betsy actually lives in your home town, what a small world. I still live in Southern California where we were born. We are still fat, still have the giggle and best of all still have fun! I got a great kick when Disney decided to release the DVD under the ‘Disney’ label, too cool! I will have to thank Micheal if I ever run into him again. Take and best wishes and thanks for the kind words! DrCarol (Lulu)

  • HooveR

    Dude, you gotta call the new blog “”Buried in DVDs””. Bran-ded-in-the-eigh-ties. Bur-ied-in-dee-vee-dees. It’s similar, and therefore fun! Ha ha ha. Wait, did you just get a comment from a famous person?