Branded in the 80’s Podcast Episode #9, Stickers and crap…

By Shawn Robare

I forced myself to stop puttering around last night and climbed back behind the mic again for another Branded in the 80s podcast. I so need to get back into the swing of podcasting, but I am one lazy bastard at times. This episodes all about 80’s stickers seeing as that’s whats been on my mind lately. I also recap a buttload of 80’s DVD news including some juicy, all-but-official news on a possible release for The Monster Squad.

For podcast listeners, here’s a rundown of the stuff talked about:

Stickers Magazine

Zero Heroes Sticker Cards (*Update, quick apology to Bubbledog, I think I came off like an ass in the podcast during my rant.  Btw, everything is right-clickable on the site now.  This is what I get for going off script…)

Panini Stickers

Here’s some Amazon links to the various DVD releases I mentioned:


Airwolf Season 2

Airwolf Season 3

Bosom Buddies

Family Ties

Beauty and the Beast

Filmation’s Ghostbusters Cartoon

Million Dollar Mystery

Harry and the Hendersons

Night of the Comet


Here’s some news and rumors on the Monster Squad Special Edition release for October, 2007:

Release Rumor

Possible DVD extras Rumor 1

Possible DVD extras Rumor 2

  • Bubbledog

    Hey, I just listened to your podcast and I just want to clarify that my site is completely “”right-clickable”” – I don’t think anything is “”protected””… you kind of, though not intentionally, made me sound like a bit of a douche ;)

  • Liz

    Hi from Namibia, I just found your site and although I can’t share all the same memories regarding restaurants etc, I remember all the toys and shows. Thanks! Just because right click’s are disabled doesn’t mean you can’t save the images… just press print screen on your keyboard and then paste into an image editing program… that is if you reaaaally want the image for your own collection.