Jack Davis could drawn one mean looking Franky…

By Shawn Robare

In the post on the Crestwood Monster series of books I mentioned how I sort of felt like I missed out on the whole monster craze because of growing up in the 80s. One thing I really feel like I missed out on was the fun cheap schwag you could order from a million ads that appeared in comics in the 60s and 70s. In particular the alluring idea of a giant monster for only $2!

I’m pretty sure these are all posters or some variation on a 7′ piece of polyethylene, but they’re all pretty cool. Above there are two variations on Frankenstein’s monster (or a skeleton) posters at various prices (not to mention one being drawn by the supremely awesome Jack Davis.) There are also a couple of monster-ghost/wraiths that might have been die-cut to make them all the creepier.

I wonder how much these go for on eBay these days. I’d be willing to bet the mark up is astounding…

  • Kirk D.

    One of those generic frankie posters went on ebay this summer for 150 bucks (I was seriously considering). I’ve never seen the monster ghosts/u-control ghosts on ebay. Believe me, I’ve looked.

  • HooveR

    I remember those ads well though I never had anything in them either. I always wondered how they “”obeyed your commands””! That is likely the most bending of the truth in all the advertising…

  • ElseBeth Duprey

    The ghosts consisted of the following. A Balloon( which you were supposed to fill with helium.) A plastic canvas/ Bag(depending on when your ordered it. Stickers for the eyes to go on the balloon. String. Obeys your commands mean, goes up and down and any direction you pull the string. Total scam.