Branded in the 80s Episode 10?!? Yes it is…

By Shawn Robare

Alright, I’m still not convinced that this is the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but I recorded a podcast last night talking about some of my experiences during the 2008 Wizard World Chicago comic con.  It’s a little different than the normal Branded in the 80s podcasts as it’s mired in the present and it’s pretty freaking long (for me at least.)  So be warned that it clocks in at just over an hour.  Mainly I discuss how much WW surprised me in contrast to conventions that I’m more used to like Dragon con, as well as how easily (relatively) I was able to break out of my more normal introverted shell in the convention situation…

  • Jephso

    Awesome, downloading now. Been waiting ages for a new episode – 17 months in fact! Hope you do some more after this.

  • Ben

    Loving the show, Shawn. I’ll have to go back and listen to ’em all!

  • Jerzy

    The return of the Branded podcast made my day. Seriously. Here’s hoping we can con Shawn into making it weekly!

  • Belle Dee

    Yay! Podcast! Interesting to hear about a different Con. I have only been to Dragon Con, myself.

  • Kirk D.

    This was the first time I’ve downloaded one of your podcasts (or any blogger podcast for that matter) and I enjoyed it very much. (I listened to the entire thing!) I found the content very interesting (more on that in a moment) but equally interesting is the format itself. You’re right, it is unique and has certain advantages over a printed post. First, I was able to listen while I worked (as opposed to simply reading your blog at work) and second it offers another dimension to your persona. I got an entirely different feel from it compared to one of your web posts (and I’ve been reading for a couple years now.) Also, for a slow writer like myself I could see it taking far less time to create a recording than a written piece. (at least if one could somehow minimize editing). Not saying I’m going to run out on a podcasting spree, but it gave me something to think about. Also inspiring was your move to put the blog in a physical format. I’ve toyed with the idea myself, and sites like make it incredibly tempting. But even beyond that I liked hearing your Wizard Con experience. It brought back many memories of 2004 when my pals and I set up a booth at both Monster Bash and SD Comic Con to sell our Flip DVD. It was similar in that we were unknowns selling a single product in a world of veteran con peddlers and pop culture junkies. It’s such a learning experience and a growth experience too, and overall totally exciting. I enjoy the convention scene even though I don’t feel entirely at home there (which may seem strange) but I really like the idea of the guy who finally decides to stop simply consuming the culture and starts contributing as well. (with a motive that is more about creating and connecting than about money) The other side of the table is another world as you well know. And that’s what excited me about your experience. The highs, the lows, the confusion, the triumphs, the insecurities, the failures, the lessons, and the fun. It’s the stuff life is made of, all jammed into one weekend. Sounds like you’ve learned a lot and I expect the next time out will be even more rewarding. And this time you have the better part of a year to prepare. I’m headed back to SD Comic Con in two weeks. It will be my 4th time, my second as a “”cultural contributor”” but I still feel like a babe in a wild and crazy world. There’s Marvel, DC, every movie studio in Hollywood, and even George Lucas’s people. And then there’s little old me. That’s what makes it so cool. Anyway, thanks for the podcast; it really got my juices flowing. Makes me want to bring along a little tape recorder to SD.