Day 23 BONUS! Talking horror on the Art & Story Podcast, Episode 61!

By Shawn Robare

I wanted to take a minute and point to one of my favorite podcasts, Art & Story (hosted by Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozd), which I had the extreme pleasure to take part in recently.  Jerzy and Mark do an amazing job deconstructing the process of writing and illustrating comics (storytelling in general), and I was invited to the conversation to help get into the nuts and bolts of horror storytelling.  We ended up talking about why people choose to watch and read horror stories referencing our own personal taste in horror movies and such.   I had an absolute blast during the recording and I think we did a good job starting the conversation on horror as a storytelling genre.

We also recorded material that I’m going to use for the basis of another Branded in the 80s podcast, a look down the Halloween-y memory lane, which I’ll hopefully have cobbled together and ready for everyone’s listening pleasure this weekend.  It’s a Branded in the 80s/Art & Story crossover, 80s Marvel comics style!

Also, Mark Rudolph has another great podcast on Metal music called the Requiem, which I also urge anyone interested in broadening their listening horizons to checkout.

  • Todd

    Yeah, these suckers made me stop in my tracks when I saw them. They’re the creepiest candy I’ve ever seen.

  • Steven A.

    Coolest damned thing ever!!!

  • John Rozum

    C’mon fess up. You ate the whole pound of sticky sweetness. That mask is pretty disturbing. It reminds me a bit of Leatherface, and makes me wonder if he ever felt compelled to lick the inside of his skin mask, and to take a nibble here and there.

  • Dane

    Excellent concept! Thanks for letting me know these exist. (And for the fun review)