Day 30 of the Halloween Countdown: Souvenir Magazines are like archaic DVD special features…

By Shawn Robare

Before special edition DVDs and devoted internet fan sites there was pretty much only one great place to find out about all the fun little tidbits and facts on your favorite films, the souvenir film magazine.  Well, they weren’t really the only place for info (there were plenty of other magazines, newspapers and books helping to cover the ins and outs of film), but they sure were a good place to find out a lot about a particular movie.   Of course you were limited to only the films that were deemed important enough to have a souvenir magazine, flicks like Rambo: First Blood Part II, the Karate Kid, Back to the Future, and presented today, Gremlins…

Growing up in the 80s I bought, read and re-read the magazines released for the Karate Kid (and it’s sequel), Willow, and Tim Burton’s Batman.  Though I was just as obsessed with Gremlins, I never came across the magazine (though I did have an over-sized hardback story book, a book and record set, and a few smaller floppy storybooks that were illustrated instead of featuring film stills.)  When I came upon this copy in a used bookstore recently I couldn’t help but pick it up.

These magazines were great, usually featuring a ton of film stills, interviews and peeks behind the scenes.  This particular issue features a ton of storyboards, a poster and a lot of behind the scenes trivia…

I used to cover my walls with this sort of pull-out poster.  In fact when I turned 10 and became a hardcore Metallica devote, I cut out every single picture in the special Metal Edge Metallica souvenir magazine (even went so far as to but two copies so I could get the pictures from both sides of the pages) and cover one entire wall with clippings.  What’s weird is that the older I got the more I felt like I needed to grow out of this trend, growing into only hanging full-sized movie posters and such.  Now I don;t even hang posters anymore.  I guess I’m sort of a fuddy duddy that way…

This issue also featured a fun ad for Don Post Gremlins Halloween masks (available in regular and deluxe furry editions!)

  • Opec

    yeah shawn ! love your blog, continue it ! opec from paris

  • Seniorita Puri

    OMG this is SO 80s! I don’t want to see the movie, I’d rather stick to my happy memories. gresat blog BTW. XO Puri, Spain

  • Tom Murphy

    Gremlins. What a great flick! Just a matter of time, I suppose, before Hollywood pulls one of it’s “”re-imaginations”” of this one, too :(

  • Teaessare

    Amazing. I had this, and many other movie fan magazines including a License to Drive magazine with a pull-out poster of the two Coreys.

  • Paxton Holley

    Shawn, I’m just now stumbling across this article. I found it after writing about my Back to the Future souvenir magazine. I was the same way with my BTTF souvenir magazine. I cut out every picture of Doc, Marty and the time machine and plastered my bulletin board with them. Eventually, I too felt I needed to outgrow that so I took them down. Then I started clipping movie ads from the Showtimes page of our local paper. I had hundreds of them from movies all over the 80s in a trapper keeper folder. Alas, they disappeared sometime during college. I mourn that folder with every fiber of my being every day. It was like I lost a family member. Only about 5 or 6 of my newspaper clippings exist. I have them on my Flickr. I did recently find several ads in some old Fangoria magazines for movie souvenir mags. They show like 20 magazines and allow you to order like 100 more. It was awesome. I was going to use it in an article about movie souvenir magazines later in the year.

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