Road Trip!

By Shawn Robare

Last week was a pretty hectic one in the house of Branded, but hopefully the hard part has passed.  Anyway, I thought I’d take a moment to point to a fun interactive bloggery event that Branded in the 80s is going to be taking part in, the 2009 Spockcation road trip hosted by Charles over at his great Eclectorama!

Basically Charles is looking to find people in various states in America (and countries round the world) to play host to a Spock action figure, taking him out and snapping some pics around town.  Take Spock as a part of your own little away-team to your favorite hangouts or any places of note where he can get some choice tricorder readings, and then package him back up in his shuttle to be whisked off to another exotic local.   If you’re interested in playing host, drop Charles a line via his site to work out the details…

  • Charles

    Thanks for the mention, I have four more states this morning, I’m getting pretty excited about this!

  • Puppatoons

    I have got to do this–do you think Spock would mind going to two locations so close to each other?

  • Charles

    I’m hoping CN stands for Cartoon Network! Oh yeah and tag your it

  • Kal

    Since you have decided to take the side of our most deadly foe, the cephalopod I must first ask you to reconcider your insane beliefs and notions. Unless of course you are aleady a puppet, tool if you will of the evil tenticled agenda. If you ever see the light then we would eccept you back into th human race. If not I can only wish you safety in the water. They can’t be trusted and now I suspect neither do you..quissling!