Being creative this weekend!

By Shawn Robare

So about a year ago during Wizard World Chicago 2008, my wife doodled up an idea for a line of creatures that she hoped to turn into a webcomic.  Well it’s been percolating and brewing for awhile and she recently decided to try and make them into a line of stuffed animals.  We went out and hit Michaels this weekend and picked up some materials and she whipped together her first proof of concept…

She had been going through a creative funk, and was trying to find and outlet.  I think this first stuffed animal is great and I’m so proud of her for having her vision, and seeing it through to a very neat end!  We’re planning out some other additions to the line and hopefully this’ll lead to a new hobby for her, which she’s needed for awhile.

She’s even blogging now.  Holy crap, visit my wife at her Demonals page…

  • Ben

    Ha! Amazing! I knew it! You guys are about to become a hipster designer plush toy company. More power to you. Awesome design!

  • Charles

    Very nice, now I’m curious about the web comic and the additional characters.

  • Wyrmphreak

    Hey guys! Shawn’s wife here and I just wanted to thank you both for the comments. I’m really glad you liked the design and I hope to have more to post soon. Maybe even on my own site.