OMG, Another Branded in the 80s Podcast, this time about some BMX memories…

By Shawn Robare

In the interest of seeing whether or not I can keep the Branded in the 80s podcasts flowing, here’s another episode that’s dedicated to some of my memories of the various bicycles I had growing up.  I talk for a little bit about my first two bikes, a hand-me-down yellow beauty that had a girl’s frame an a great banana seat, and my first dirt bike, a Huffy that was white and black with red trim and a cushioned upper handlebar that saved me from cracking my skull open on a few occasions…


…as well as the bike love of my life, my 1987 baby blue GT Performer that had great white and pink trim.  Unfortunately I don’t have any personal photos of that bike, but below there’s an almost identical representation.   Mine had black dice for air nozzle caps and a set of white metal pegs that attached to the hub of the back wheel, but it’s pretty much exactly like mine…


I also talk about the wondiforous 80s BMX flick RAD, Eddie Fiola (pictured in the GT Performer ad above), Bart Conner (who played Bart Taylor the semi-evil BMX god that rode for Mongoose bikes in the Rad flick), Bill Allen, Lori Loughlin, Talia Shire, John Farnham (who gave us some great 80s anthems in Rad), and of course the infamous freestyle BMX dance sequence from Rad

If you enjoyed this podcast and if you haven’t read it, here’s my more in depth review of the Rad movie, and here’s some Rad trivia from star Bill Allen’s site.  Also, if you’re enjoying my rambling podcast then I’d also like to point you to the other show I’m doing now, the Saturday Supercast over at Sugary where I’m joined by co-hosts Jerzy Drozd and Kevin Cross (two great comic artists.)  We deconstruct our favorite cartoons of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and the first two episodes are available for download (parts one and two of a discussion on the first G.I. Joe mini series from 1983.)

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  • Slick McFavorite

    Great cast Shawn! I especially appreciated the grouping of Rad, Thrashin’ and North Shore. These are three of my most favorite 80’s movies and that’s saying a lot. I just love the premise of a protagonist focusing all of their energy on a single goal and sacrificing everything for it. In contrast, I am unfortunately mediocre at a great many things. As I mentioned in a previous email, while skating was my primary focus as a kid, I did do some freestyling as well. However, I never had a name brand bike. Being pretty poor growing up, I had to settle for a flea market knock-off. Fortunately, I wasn’t completely deprived. A friend of mine owned a hot pink Performer that I would borrow as much as he would let me. Funniest thing is my first bike was a Huffy Thunder Road similar to the one in the picture above. I seem to remember my number being 42 as well. Lastly, I also loved the mention of the “”motivational songs”” (i.e. You’re the Best, The Touch, etc’). I used to have an hour long playlist of these for the gym. Some of my favorites in addition to the ones you mentioned were, “”I’m Free”” by Kenny Loggins from Footloose, “”Young Hearts”” by Commuter Music from Karate Kid (arcade scene), and “”No Easy Way Out”” by Robert Tepper (instrumentals by Vince DiCola of ’86 Transformers fame) from Rocky IV. Sorry for the novel, but as always the cast was inspiring. Welcome Back…Slick

  • Dale

    Hey, loved the podcast and even more so the write up you did about Rad. I have a soft spot for the movie too and during a internet search for more Rad info, I stumbled across your post and read the whole thing top to bottom. Anyway, writing in to say that I actually live about 10 minutes from where they film the Helltrack Race at the end of the movie in Bowness Park, Calgary. And close to the town of Cochrane where they did a bunch of other scenes for the movie. Everytime I visit the park I want to recreate the scene where the riders are racing down the path running parallel to the river but the street next to it is a one way in the opposite direction, so might be a bit tough for whoever is filming. I’ve only been in the city for a few years so I wasn’t around when they originally filmed. That would have been pretty amazing though. Keep up the good work!

  • The Sexy Armpit

    I just realized we had the same bike. I had the exact same baby blue GT with the white tires and all. Amazing.