31 Days of Monsters: #11, Mummy Zombie!

By Shawn Robare

Welcome back to my 31 Days of Monsters Halloween countdown!  It’s day eleven and in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Ghostbusters franchise, not to mention my love of 80s animation, I’m counting down 31 of my favorite monsters from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  These animation cels are culled from my personal collection, and my wife and I tried our best to put them in a not-so-scary to really-freaking-creepy kind of order with the creepiest falling on All Hallows Eve. 

Today’s monster, like Moriarty yesterday, sort of has that Scooby Doo-esque vibe to him.   This Pharaoh Zombie character design is pretty cool, especially in a Stargate sort of way…

The design reminds me a whole heck of a lot of a pair of Vans shoes I saw recently that featured the Iron Maiden mascot Eddie re-imagined as a pharaoh/Sphinx god…

This monster hails from episode 69, "The Long Long Log Etc. Goodbye", and is actually the final form of a possessed (by King Todd) thief named Blackie who morphs into this ancient Egyptian mummy monster.  I only got a chance to skim the episode, but if nothing else, picking up these monster cels has really lit a fire under me to go back and watch through the entire Real Ghostbusters series.  There really were a lot of cool concepts being thrown around on the show…

Make sure to come back tomorrow for another installment of the 31 Days of Monsters here at Branded in the 80s.  Also, you can head on over to the Countdown to Halloween and check out lists of a bunch of other sites participating in this year’s Halloween blogging event.  Tell ’em Shawn Robare of Branded sent ya!


  • Mr. Sean

    The Egyptian Eddie is from Iron Maiden’s “”Power Slave”” album released 1984.

  • Mr. Sean

    Not to just correct, your blog rules dude. Thanks for posting your insane collection. I have had many flashbacks into childhood on here.

  • Ben

    That’s a really cool cel (and a really cool pair of shoes)!