31 Days of Monsters: #18, Inside-out Rat thing!

By Shawn Robare

Welcome back to my 31 Days of Monsters Halloween countdown!  We’re up to Day 18.  In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Ghostbusters franchise, not to mention my love of 80s animation, I’m counting down 31 of my favorite monsters from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  These animation cels are culled from my personal collection, and my wife and I tried our best to put them in a not-so-scary to really-freaking-creepy kind of order with the creepiest falling on All Hallows Eve.

Today we’ve got an ugly little bugger.  It’s looks like a rat that was turned inside out.   I guess I’ll call him Pinky.

When I received this one in the mail I was surprised to find that it was a heavily corrected cel.   So much so that there was a copy of the original line work on a second layer that was colored correctly.  It took a bit of work to separate the two layers as the pink paint on the back of the top layer had adhered to the layer beneath, but after I worked them apart I was treated to an alternate color scheme.  The much more muted and realistic red-brown is kind of creepy.  I wonder if that was the reason it was changed to a day-glo pink, or if it was just a mistake…

This guy hails from episode #50, "Lost & Foundry".  He was spooking up a metal processing plant and he ends up having his ions dispersed into a batch of molten metal.  Of course he ends up getting processed into items that end up in the Ghostbuster’s firehouse and he eventually forms into a gigantic metal specter/creature.  In the episode he moves pretty quickly so there aren’t a lot of great shots where you really get a chance to see him in detail, which is another nice aspect of collecting cels like this.

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  • Todd

    I wonder if his eyes were made by Oakley or Ray-Ban?